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We caught up with married couple and Psy-folk Duo Bird to Beast before their London album launch a couple of weeks ago. Inspired by The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Kate Bush, this album is based around really great song-writing. It is kept fresh by the layered 60s style BVs of Hannah Hird, previously Ellie Goulding’s Backing Vocalist and the interesting chord progressions, infectious melodies and warm voice of Sam Hird, previously a sheep farmer.


The couple are not afraid to use lyrical sections to set the scene in their songs. Their first single “To Lips from Lungs” has a really unique accordion intro, which seems to take you to Paris;

“Catacombs” has an outro reminiscent of “Zorba the Greek” where you find yourself in some sort of wedding dance. Personally my stand out track is “Daniel” the melody and lyrics are beautiful and the phrase “Daniel get out of love” has stuck with me ever since.


Bird To Beast’s Debut Album To Lips from Lungs is available HERE


Words by Anna Waldmann

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