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It began its transformation from a mere genre to a “scene” out of the Texan capital sometime in the mid 2000’s. From the fond memory of a better, more transcendental musical era, when sunshine Grandma began her migration from awkward contortions in the dance hall, to writhing around all manner of fields and grassy places like a subterranean seaweed Goddess. They call it psych. This modern interpretation encompasses the collective creativity of the preceding fifty or so since, so whilst the direct references to the late 60s/early 70s are plentiful, psych now describes far more than it used to.


A little more than three years ago, Bad Vibrations emerged as London’s premier purveyors of this kind of hallucinatory live noise. Like a magical prism of light manifest to illuminate London’s dark and desolate musical landscape, they introduced psych to the hungry people. Headed by Keith Miller, Bad Vibes continue to give a platform to some of the greatest bands the earth has to offer, so if you see him, kiss him on the face.

In what now seems like part of the natural evolution, for those with such eyes and ears, Bad Vibrations have decided to launch their own label, Bad Vibrations Records, their first release being this, Live at Bad Vibrations, a selection of their favourite performances recorded over the past two years. Let the joy in…

Seattle’s screeching psych-soul trinity Night Beats open Side B with “Puppet on a String”, a monument to 2013. Its piercing visceral guitar part beneath the filthy wild shriek of Lee Blackwell, will have you flailing like E-Honda from Street Fighter throwing a nutty punch combo. This is the way a live record should begin.

The multi-instrumentalist majesty of Texan “vibration of the ever-humming universe” Holy Wave takes the second spot with “Night Tripper”bruising baseline, and Get Back Beatle’s-esque guitar. Watching those boys play everything on stage is a sight to behold, with each performance consistently immaculate.


Third is Cosmonauts with cool surf-psych stomp “Motorcycle #1”. The Wytches’ grunge barrage “Digsaw” is track four, conjuring Cobain at his most deranged and smashing you in the face with waves of wailing.

Maggie Thatcher’s favourite sweat soaked debauchees of the grand revolt, The Fat White Family, finish Side B with “Bomb Disneyland”. Fronted by the transfixing Lias Saoudi, a soul that bares the coalescence of shaman and psychopath in equal demented measure, with greasy ease, Fat Whites are the best live band in the UK, and maybe even the universe. This is a song about bombing a children’s amusement park. Lego Land gets a mention too.

Side V is graced first by Lola Coltwith “Jaguar”, an erotic desert trip complete with Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) style vocal, to send you shapeshifting into a bald eagle and soaring the Grand Canyon, enchanted by the wise spirit of Don Juan.



The penultimate offering of the record comes from asignatory of Anton Newcombe’s A records, The KVB. It culminates with “Om Mane Padme Hung”, an Icelandic homage to the Buddhist compassion mantra by Dead Skeletons. This mystical krautrock composition is a cosmic odyssey, a frantic intergalactic piggyback from the old Buddha himself, and perhaps the greatest testament to the why of Bad Vibes.

Live at Bad Vibrations is vinyl only and comes as a strictly limited release of 500 copies, each with a free download code. There’s nothing quite like a live record for capturing the authentic energy exchange we all crave. You need this in your life. Go.

Pre order Live at Bad Vibrations here.

Words by Samuel Smith (The Dot Exists)


1.    Night Beats – Puppet on a String (The Victoria, 18th May 2013)
2.    Holy Wave – Night Tripper (The Shacklewell Arms, 5th Feb 2014)
3.    Cosmonauts – Motorcycle #1 (The MacBeth, 19th August 2013)
4.    The Wytches – Digsaw (The Victoria, 9th Feb 2013)
5.    The Fat White Family – Bomb Disney Land (The Shacklewell Arms, 4th May 2013)

1.      Lola Colt – Jaguar (The Lexington, 3rd December 2012)
2.      The KVB – Dayzed (Electrowerkz, 23rd November 2013)
3.      Dead Skeletons – Om Mani Peme Hung (Electrowerkz, 23rd November 2013)

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