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Knights of the round table, I give you Temples. Prepare to be tossed and turned, stirred and spun, as you pass through a kaleidoscope of psychedelic excess. When I first heard “Shelter Song” over a year ago, an addiction set in, and I was relentlessly after my next fix. It was like Beatles mania in my head, but every time I saw them play, I realised it wasn’t just in my mind. Crowds multiplied like bacteria and everyone was hooked. It’s not often I get this animated about a band, but Temples filled a void that was left open from childhood after being introduced to the visionaries of the 60s and 70s. It was love at first riff, but they kept me waiting for over a year. Like all great loves however, my desire didn’t falter, it grew, albeit frustrated, but it kept cultivating. Good things come to those who wait, and my, we have waited. Today, Temples release their debut album Sun Structures


In a nutshell: Tudors will party today, jesters will rave, and a princess will take the hand of a pauper and run off together into the sunset. If A Knights Tale hadn’t already been made, I think this would have been the soundtrack to Heath Ledger’s voyage.  This album conjures up many extreme landscapes. “Shelter Song” will drop you into 60s hysteria. The title track, “The Golden Throne” and “The Question Isn’t Answered” will ship you to the Tudor merrymaking I just envisaged. “Mesmerise” and “Move With The Season” will take you on a magic carpet ride across Egyptian nights, passing pyramids and finding rest on purple opulent fabrics in the middle of the desert, in a “Sand Dance” of debauchery.


Hyperbole and Fairytales aside, Sun Structures is my British album of the year. It might only be February, but I will call it now. From Kettering to space, these four Northamptonshire gentlemen have created an album that does everything music should do: it is escapism. They structured our sun. 

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Words by Elspeth Merry

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