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Considered by GQ one of the “100 best things in the world”, “Hollywood’s favourite photographer” – according to Daily Mail – Tyler Shields surely needs no introduction. For the benefit of the very few who may not be familiar with his oeuvre, Mr Shields – who, for the record, began his photographic career by posting photos to MySpace – has made a name for himself with his ultra provocative and gory images – a riot of sex, wildness and violence, as someone calls them, that surely hasn’t gone unnoticed. His most controversial shots include a blood-soaked Lindsay Lohan in lingerie, Glee star Heather Morris with a black eye and his own long-term muse and girlfriend Francesca Eastwood – yes, Clint’s daughter! – sawing and setting fire to a $100,000 Hermes Birkin Bag. 

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For his latest series, Tyler has distanced himself from all the crazy wildness of his earlier photos to focus on a gentler theme; Chromatic by Tyler Shields – at Imitate Modern until March 23rd – is in fact a mind-blowing explosion of bright colours and a real feast for the eyes – an early breath of spring, one might even say. Suspended between a chaotic frenzy and a sensual – almost intimate – stillness, the Chromatic collection features the cast of hit American TV show Revenge, Lydia Hearst and the aforementioned Francesca Eastwood covered in a coloured paint powder to emphasise the contrast between colours, warm light and dark silhouettes.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1982, Tyler Shields currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Often criticised for his highly provocative shots, Shields began his career directing music videos before devoting himself to photography. A former professional skater – he took part to X-Game in 1999 and 2000, touring with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk in 2003 – Tyler is currently working on his new book – The Dirty Side of Glamour; in 2011 he released his first novel entitled Smartest Man on Amazon. Solo shows include: Mouthful, Los Angeles (2012); Miller Gallery Cincinnati, Ohio (2012); Photohub Manometr, Moscow, Russia (2012).

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Chromatic by Tyler Shields will be running until March 23rd at Imitate Modern, 27a Devonshire Street, London W1G 6PN.


More information on Tyler Shields can be found here

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