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The much anticipated sixth studio album by Coldplay, Ghost Stories will hit the shelves in May; in the meantime, Album Artist gives 1883 a sneak preview of the amazing artworks created by Czech artist Mila Fürstová for the band.

The medieval-style etching on the front cover of Ghost Stories features a pair of angel wings suspended above the placid waters of an ocean in a starry night; the wings are decorated with a series of enigmatic images that include: a couple in love, a man facing a mirror, a flight of white doves, a circular maze, a girl by candlelight, a window looking out onto an incoming tornado and a garden plant with a ladder.

The single art for Magic (released on 3rd March) features a symbolic white dove onto a blue background; in a similar fashion to the album art for Ghost Stories, the dove is decorated with drawings of a levitating couple, a flying deck of cards and a theatre stage.

Born in 1975 in the Czech Republic and currently based in the UK, Mila Fürstová is an award-winning artist with over twenty solo exhibitions to her credit. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in printmaking and a Master’s degree at the Royal College of Art, she has lectured at Coventry University and The University of Gloucestershire.In 2003, Mila Fürstová was appointed the first Artist in Residence at the Cheltenham Ladies’ College, where she founded and ran an Etching studio until 2010; in 2009, she became the youngest ever elected Academician at the Royal West of Academy in Bristol. Her work is included in major private and public collections, such as the V&M Museum and that of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Often described as having a distinctly female voice, Fürstová’s artistic production represents an anachronistic and intimate portrayal of the human soul; poetic and narrative in its nature, it is inspired by universal and personal mythologies. Her works are produced by drawing with a fine needle onto a zinc plate covered with a brown wax, hence “allowing the image to quietly grow, whilst a fragile silver line emerges from a dark background as if a distant memory was traced from the unconscious” – to quote the artist’s words; the initial image subsequently undergoes a process of transformation as the surface is smoked with a candle to produce a black finish – a metamorphosis that Mila describes as being “alchemical”.

Hand-printed etchings (edition of 25, hand sighed by the artist) and high quality digital prints (edition of 100, hand signed by the artist) of Ghost Stories and Magic by Mila Fürstová will be available for purchase on 19th May (price on application) from Album Artists; to register your interest in buying this work please email art@albumartists.co.uk


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