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In 2013 Molly Molloy, head of Womenswear brand Marni and Gianni Tozzi director of FutureBrand Milan co-founded the publication magazine ’Parterre de Rois’, the imaginary dinner party. With four limited editions to date they are currently developing and curating it’s a 5th issue ’Black’ which showcases inspirational talent from across the globe, combining the established and the unknown. 

Described as a mixture of contemporary culture, old world classics from the past and creations from influential and original minds, the magazine has been a phenomenal success which is only natural given the co-founders wealth of experience in brand creation. Gianni has had his work displayed across the world including including Italy, Japan and the UK while working with brands such as Nike, Illy and Armani to name a few. Molly was a student of one of the most renown design school’s Central Saint Martin’s and after graduating she went on to work for Bella Freud and Betty Jackson whilst also creating illustrations for clients such as Harpers & Queen’ and Browns Fashion. 

We chat to the couple about how the they formed the idea, their inspirations  and what we can expect from their 5th issue ‘Black’.

How did you meet and develop your magazine?

We met in London at the start of 2000, I was studying and Molly was a fashion designer. We developed the magazine wanting to bring all of the experience we had gained through working in the industry to life! We were once discussing on a sunny morning a dinner party Molly had been invited to, and this inspired us to create the magazine. We discussed how beautiful it would be to organise a dinner party with people from the past and present that we found interesting, regardless if they were well known or not. We sent emails out to connections we had made working within the design industry about the idea of the magazine, and had a really supportive response.

What can we expect from your fifth issue?

You can expect to see a lot of the colour black, as the issue is titled ‘Black’. We also have some amazing Italian photographers displaying their vibrant and eclectic work, as well as inviting the well known artist Anish Kapoor to contribute to the magazine with a series of drawings. The result is a collection of beautiful black drawings that are a very intense interpretation of what the colour means and what the theme of the magazine evokes. Our previous issue was called ’Happiness’, so with this issue we wanted to create something completely contradictory that would provoke a strong response in the reader. The colour black doesn’t always have to mean darkness, it can also be the product of beauty and elegance which we explored throughout the pages of ’Parterre de Rois’. 

How do you pick your word for each of your magazines?

Each word comes to us very instinctually, and is normally based on our emotions or how we are feeling at that point in time towards the world around us. There are no links or trends between each of the words we pick, it can literally be something as simple as a feeling we have experienced in the last six months. We will always sometimes choose our words based on visual simulation from a piece of literature,film or poetry. ’Parterre de Rois’ as a magazine tends to be quite romantic and poetic, however we also like to focus on darkness sometimes- not in a negative way but focusing on a way of widening this concept and finding amazing artists that have been associated with this word in society.


If you could interview anyone for your magazine who would it be and why?

We would love to interview David Hockney, we grew up in his generation of artists. Looking at his work was an entirely inspirational milestone for our lives. Having the opportunity to have a conversation and discuss his fantastic work would be fabulous.

Why should people read your magazine and what do you believe makes it stand out from other publications?

What makes our magazine so special is that every issue has a different concept and it doesn’t follow the same format or layout continuously, which adds curiosity and makes it a collectable. We don’t typically have an enormous budget so everything we create is uniquely personal, and there is also a limitation in how many issues we sell- which adds to it’s originality. ’Parterre de Rois’ is ordered from all over the world, its always interesting and a magical feeling when we see where the buyers are located we have people collecting the magazine from Tokyo to Brighton! The magazine isn’t advertised on social media, meaning we have a more selective and exclusive clientele. All of the covers for our magazine are absolutely beautiful, and not traditionally what you see on the magazine covers of today. 

Your magazine is heavily focused on art, who are some of your favourite artists?

We like to mix well known artists and the unknown, which is another thing that we believe makes us stand out as a magazine. It makes the magazine more interesting, we love knowing the steps successful creators have taken to reach their point of succession. By sharing their stories, they are given unknown artists who might be reading the magazine the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of someone who they admire. By featuring the work of artists who are also less well known, we are giving everyone equal opportunity to share their work and passion. We love a broad range of different artists, which ’Parterre de Rois’ illustrates, so their are no particular favourites- we are always looking for new work and styles. 

Where would you like to see ’Paterre de Rois’ in ten years time?

Naturally we would like to include bigger and bolder content, and continuing taking the magazine from strength to strength -however we would still like to keep the magazine very intimate and personal. 

Parterre de Rois issue five Black, is out now. For more info head to 
www.parterrederois.com or follow via @parterrederois

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson


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