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I’m not a photography geek. I generally stay away from the words ’conceptual’ ’perspective’ as well as a haul of other photography related terms. Through the power of Facebook however, I came across these amazing slightly 3D, slightly moving and all together mind-blowing pictures dancing on my Macbook.

I tracked down the man who was responsible- he is polite and answered my questions. I decided not to ask him about the fashion social scene and when he last cried, but instead geared my interview to a more mature market. Darlings.    

He is called Ignacio Torres, and he’s a talented chap, shall we find out why?


For people who don’t know you and your photography, what would you tell them?

I would tell them my images are like small short films.

Where did you grow up? Has it influenced your work in any way?

I grew up in El Paso, Texas. Growing up in West Texas really influenced my latest project. I was really inspired by the desolate landscapes around me as well as the beautiful West Texas sunsets.

Out of all of your projects online, which is your favorite and why?

My favorite project would have to be the ‘Stellar’ series. I really enjoyed the process of making the images for the series.  Every week I would gather a group of friends and just drive to the middle of nowhere to shoot. It was sort of like a road trip but not. Also, the process of shooting was interesting because at first most of the models were hesitant about getting dust thrown at them but in the end they all had a good time.


For people who see your motion pictures and say ’how do you do that?’ what do you say?

Most of the time I explain to them the way stereoscopy works and even encourage them to try shooting some of their own. It is a really old basic technique that still intrigues people even with all the technological advances done with three -dimensional viewing.

In 3 words, what describes you as a person best?

Friendly, adventurous and spontaneous

Photography influences?

I’m in love with the work of Hedi Slimane. Also, Nan Goldin, Robert Longo and Collier Schorr.

How have you developed as a photographer?

I have developed as a photographer by constantly trying different things. I change all the time and I feel it is evident in my work. I do not like sticking to one specific formula of shooting or doing things. Always trying to find something new to do.


How difficult is it to be a successful working photographer?

It is extremely difficult but the reward is great. I’m still trying myself.

What advice would you give an aspiring young photographer?

Shoot analog and look at many photography books.

What would you say is most unique about your photography style?

What’s unique about my photography style is my evident influence of fashion photography and fine art. My work is a balance between the two.

Has being a photographer opened any unusual/exciting doors for you?

It definitely has opened up some unusual ones. I’m still waiting for the exciting doors to open.


What is the proudest moment of your life to date?

Probably graduating from College. It was a good time.

What does the future hold for you?

I just recently moved back to New York City so I am hoping for many big things.

Any famous last words?

Thanks for your time. 

Words By Lewis Taylor

For more, check out www.ignacio-torres.com

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