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No matter how many times we try to bring pale skin back in to fashion, the universal truth is, is that we all look better with a tan. It’s slimming, confidence boosting and makes us look a whole lot healthier (even when, truth be told we’ve spent the entire summer partying it up at festivals!).

But it’s 2017 and we all know that soaking up the suns rays sans protection is a big no no, heightening our risk of skin cancer and accelerating skin ageing. Which means the only way to do it is to fake it. Luckily with major advancements in fake tan technology your mates would be hard pressed to guess it’s not real.

From an air brush Brazilian tan, to certified organic tanning oil and a golden glow booster, we’ve sourced out 8 of the best natural looking fake tanners on the market.

(left to right) 

Rodial Airbrush Brazilian Tan £46

Thanks to it’s 360-degree spray technology. Rodial’s airbrush tan with it’s fine tinted mist creates salon results in minutes, for perfect, fall-proof coverage that deepens over time.

Nip Fab 365 Body Glow £9.95

Rodial’s more affordable sister brand Nip Fab have done it again with their online exclusive self tan 365 Body Glow Fix. Fast drying and hydrating this clear gel formula containing white tea leaf extract and vitamin E, gives a natural streak-free golden finish in 4 hours.

JAMES READ Instant Bronzing Mist £25

Proving he’s the man in the know when it comes to all things tanning, James Read’s Instant Bronzing Mist is a lightweight, highly absorbent formula delivering even coverage on hard-to-reach areas. If that’s not enough it is also blended with soothing Aloe Vera and cell-renewing Citric Acid, to replenish and rebalance skin tone, for a healthy glow inside and out. 


(left to right) 

CLARINS Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster £27

Part of Clarins’ cult tanning range, Radian-Plus Golden Glow Booster is a self-tanner that can be mixed with your product of choice, allowing you to still benefit from the moisturising, firming or anti cellulite benefits of your favourite cream. Also comes as a facial booster.

SENSAI Silky Bronze Self Tan Gel £79

Sensai’s luxuriously creamy, self-tanning gel works to deeply hydrate and nourish while delivering even, super silky, enviably bronze skin. Use 2-3 times a week to maintain an even tan.


(left to right) 

St Tropez Gradual Tan Luminous Veil £12.05

Proving yet again that they are the go to brand for all things tanning, St Tropez have done it again with this hydrating face cream containing Camellia flower extract, a powerful antioxidant. Doubling up as a moisturiser and a primer Gradual Tan Luminous Veil instantly brightening the skin with light reflecting pearls*, whilst gradually building a golden glow.

Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan £29.95

Vita Liberata’s odourless and organic cream formula delivers natural-looking, streak-free colour in just ten minutes. Fortified with anti-ageing ingredients, including Matrixyl 3000, Rose and Neroli, this fast working tanner helps supports collagen and long-lasting hydration, whilst giving a hint of bronze that develops over 4-8 hours.


(left to right) 

Tan Organic Certified Organic Self Tanning Oil £24.99

This certified organic facial and body tanner gives a luxurious tan that lasts up to 6 days after application. Lighter than a lotion but darker than most gradual tanners, its special formula ensures optimal moisturising with no oily residue.

Sukin Sunless Bronzing Gel £14.95

Sukin’s quick drying gel is enriched with lime oils to help you create a natural looking tan with out any nasty scent.  With caramel for instant colour, aloe vera for instant skin hydration and gentle bronzing active dihydroxyacetibe to gradually develop a radiant glow, this environmentally conscious tanner is not only affordable but it’s 100% carbon neutral!


Words byAlicia Irvine-MacDougall

photography Logan Irvine-MacDougall

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