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Whether its your crowning glory, your safety net or something you just wished you had more of, very few of us are immune to impact of a bad hair day.  

A historic sign of wealth and health, ‘good hair’ has been linked developmentally and scientifically to ‘good self-esteem’, positively impacting our life.  

Yet despite the psychological power of hair, the majority of us simply ‘wash and go’, using cheap products picked up at the local supermarket. But with harmful detergents and inferior ingredients doing more harm than good, isn’t it time to we re-think our hair care?

From Energising Seasonal Superactives to Scalp Treatments and Restorative Fillers we’ve got all that you need to keep your locks looking luscious, healthy and full of shine. 



AESOP Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque £23

Treat your hair form scalp to tip with Aesop’s sweet smelling ’Moisturising Masque’ containing Sweet Almond, Soybean, Grapefruit Seed. Suitable for all hair types, this rich hydrating formula coats each strand in restorative extracts and conditioning oils for tresses that are nourished and shinning.



SACHAJUAN Scalp Treatment £30

 Get to the root with SachaJuans gentle yet effective scalp treatment that works to calm a dry and irritated scalp. Designed to eliminate dandruff and leave the scalp balanced and comfortable, this professional formula enriched with Rosemary Oil, Salicylic Acid and Ginger Extract maintains the moisture balance of both the hair and scalp.



NUXE After Sun Hair & Body Shampoo £10

 Say goodbye to the damaging effects of sunscreen, salt, chlorine with NUXE After Sun Hair and Body Shampoo. Enriched with Water Flowers, Sweet Orange, Tahitian Gardenia and Vanilla, this multi-tasking formula refreshes and revitalise hair after a day in the sun by expertly lifting away the day’s impurities while it’s hydrating and reparative properties refresh, soothe and comfort.



DAVINES NaturalTech Energising Seasonal Superactive £47.20 @ Liberty London

 Energising Seasonal Superactive is a must for anyone suffering from seasonal, postnatal or stressed derived hair loss. Targeting the presence of hair loss this scientific, paraben free regeneration tonic for the scalp has been proven to effectively reduce hair loss while improving density, body and hydration.


MOROCCANOIL Treatment £32.85

 Moroccanoil Treatment hasn’t become a cult buy by chance. Bursting with Argan oil, this ultra-light formula smoothes, strengthens, speeds up drying time and detangles, for hair that is beautifully silky and shinning health. Brilliant for over processed hair in need of rejuvenating.



ROSSANO FERRETTI Vita Rejuvenating Shampoo £42

 With a mix of active ingredients to stimulate hair bulb oxygenation to minimize the effect of hair loss by extending the growing phase of the hair life cycle, this rich, luxury, suplphate free shampoo by Rossano Ferretti has been designed specifically with anti-ageing in mind.

PHILIP KINSLEY Tricho Complex Step 3 £45

Created with over 60 years of trichological expertise and inspired by a combination of vitamins and minerals prescribed on a daily basis at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinics, Tricho Complex contains an exceptional mix of vitamins and minerals which contribute to the maintenance of normal, healthy hair.


VALMONT Beautifying Hair Mist £85

Think of Valmonts Beautifying radiance mist as the facial mist of the hair world. Reviving and prolonging hair dye, simply spritz through out the day to keep locks lustrous, shinning, hydrated and nourished, with no sign of product build up.



DAVID MALLET L’Hydratation Mask No 1 £48

 Delivering a concentrated dose of hair-strengthening vegetable, this ‘spa treatment for the hair’ delivers maximum moisture to dry hair, leaving it revitalized and protected. Use weekly for ultimate results.


COLORPROOF Signature Blond Treatments Restorative Filler £21.95

Utilising a unique product development process along side the highest quality and newest ingredient technology, ColorProof’s restorative filler treatment instantly illuminates and prolongs vibrancy while filling in gaps in the cuticle and closing it to produce a smooth & supple finish.


Words byAlicia Irvine-MacDougall

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