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Perk up this summer with some of our favorite salon treatments. Whether you’re looking for some major skin overhaul or some subtle, natural enhancement, than we got the guide for you.



Kate Kerr at the Mondrian London

First up we visited super-facialist Kate Kerr. Now, the tag of “super” facialist seems ten-a-penny, but mark our words, Kate is exactly that. Nestled in the futuristic spa hub of Mondarian London, Kerr’s USP is her extensive knowledge of acne, acne scarring and the rehabilitation process to bring skin back to its optimum health. In fact she has her thesis backed up by twenty years experience in the field, working with a host of celebrities and those travelling far and wide to experience her clinical facials.

Kate’s approach to facials is entirely bespoke after a thorough skin analysis working through everything such as lifestyle, skin care routine and hereditary issues. So far, so normal, however what marks Kate out as a true “super” is her ability to take this core information and provide a potent targets each ailment with exacting scrutiny. Take for example her extraction of black and white heads – we won’t lie, the procedure was extremely painful. Such is her technique that Kate hones in on each problem within its own parameters going against those facials where one-size-fits-all.

One of the more interesting facts we learnt during our talk with Kate is shunning the uses of facial oils to allow the skin to heal itself and balance out oil production. Working in tandem, her clinical facials are akin to rebooting the system and allow your skin to, essentially, go back to basics. Think of her facial as a helping hand to allow your skin to shine from within.

Prices vary. Visit www.katekerrlondon.com for more information.
Booking:https://www.katekerrlondon.co.uk/contact/ or the booking number 0191 4958468




Swiss Bust Contour Defining Treatment from Cellcosmet

Looking to boost your bust area without surgical intervention? Sounds too good to be true, but cellular skincare experts Cellcosmet have launched the Swiss Bust Contour Defining Treatment. Drawing on leading cellular and phyto science, the treatment shapes and defines the bust whilst smoothing the skin, resulting in a pert décolleté. Think of it as a facial for the bust, set to leave you glowing and perky.
The aim of the game is to target the envelope of skin that supports the breast – which acts as a ‘true bra” - going from the chest to the base of the neck and from a few suspensory ligaments which attach to the thorax. The treatment itself is pretty simple, using several stages of exfoliation, a toning spritz, firming oil to massage, breast enhancing modelling mask and bust cream, to target each of the supporting muscles.

The results are instant, a perfect way to perk up before hitting the beach (or for a natural confidence boost), whatever takes your fancy.
Treatment price from £110, visit www.cellcosmet.co.uk

Nails and Brows - The Brow Makeover

Would you consider getting your brows done as a “treatment”? Is it worth noting? Well, put aside the whole craze of insta-worthy brows aside for a while and just consider a botched up £3 (yes, three-pounds) brow job, which removed a whole chunk of your brow pre-Fashion Week. What then? Could someone swoop in and remedy them? Surely that counts as “treatment”..?

We consulted with celebrity hotspot Nails and Brows to see if it’s possible to salvage our brows for instant insta-fame, and lets just say we were not disappointed.

Nails and Brows is the brainchild of Sherille Riley, nestled in the exclusive neighbourhood of Mayfair. Utilising twenty years of expertise, Nails and Brows offers comfort, knowledge and a joyous environment for a spot of luxurious pampering. The brand has also launched their new Beauty Edit Mayfair providing ten brow styling products edited to match specific hair and skin tones – a nice change to the market.

They (as in Google) say brows maketh the woman, providing a solid “architecture” for the face. There’s a reason why brows are hot right now, and that’s pretty much it. They are the icing on the cake, the finale and have the ability to provide the ultimate power-confidence boost there is.

The latter is exactly what happened after a visit to Nails and Brows after said £3-botched-up-brows. Our brow expert was Silvia, friendly, chatty and a God when it comes to overhauling brows. A bit of a chinwag to explain the problem, the solution and the arch of my natural shape, and my brows were overhauled to perfection, and we mean perfection. No need for brow filling, colouring or the sort, just a swish and swosh of the Beauty Edit Mayfair Brow Setter and we were good to go.

For more news and booking, head to www.nailsandbrows.me
Brow Makeover: £48.00
Bookings at 020 7499 5345
The Beauty Edit Mayfair comprises of Ten Brow styling products with prices starting from £5.

Words by Sofia Khan

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