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Raining, tired, cancelled train and one dying phone: Welcome to life in London, ‪#firstworldproblems.

Luck would have it that on the day of my reflexology appointment I should run into all four things at once, coupled with a bout of ruinous insomnia lasting two weeks. Rest assured I was not happy; nor in the mood for something potentially beneficial – and ok – something I was quite cynical about in the first place.


I arrived at my designated clinic in the back street of charming and quaint Ealing and was swiftly greeted by cheery Jo Simons. Jo has worked as a reflexology practitioner for the past 10 years, helping women with fertility and health problems to provide a holistic approach to their wellbeing. A swift Google informed me that Jo was herself a convert after turning to the practice to promote her own fertility, so I was interested to learn more about the practice.


Upon entering I was struck by the sparseness of the room in comparison to the beauty spas I’ve been to before, but decided to go ahead and fully embrace the experience. Jo was professional as anyone could hope, putting me at ease and talking me through the whole procedure. We went through medical problems and any potential soft spots before moving ahead, making sure we were both well informed. The treatment itself was pretty soothing and akin to a therapy session in that I felt myself swiftly unloading whatever stresses were pent up inside of me. Jo informed me that some people find a difference almost instantaneously, while others are much slower.

I was one of the latter few, and although felt a tiny bit lighter after the treatment, I didn’t feel the full force of the affects until later that evening. Barely able to keep my eyes open past 7pm, I had to cancel all my social engagements that night and instead went straight to bed, even forgoing my weekly Games of Thrones binge. That night I slept deeper than a well fed baby and woke up feeling as sprightly as ever. The transformation was astounding, and I now take back all my critiques of the practice itself. Jo has not only performed some magic but has won herself a new regular client. Give it a shot; you definitely won’t be disappointed.


Visit the AoR website www.aor.org.uk to find your local therapist
To visit Jo, check out her website www.josimons.co.uk. £50 for 1hr

Words by Sofia Khan


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