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The Aesthetics Lab opened its doors back in 2015 with the premise of offering the precision and efficacy of cosmetic clinics alongside the pampering of luxury spas. The treatment menu is extensive, covering facials to more intensive body overhauls that are all thoroughly researched and performed by knowledgeable therapists.

Perhaps some of the more interesting treatments available at the clinic are of the “non invasive” variety, offering little or no down time at all yet still achieving the clinical results desired. The latest of these is the “Yoga Facial” favored by the likes of the Chelsea set - think Millie Mackintosh et al with their forever-glows.

What to expect:

The Yoga Facial is designed to target the three big bad boys signs of aging – jowls, wrinkles and loss of elasticity - with innovative massage techniques to roll back the clock. Prior to the treatment itself we met with Maya (highly recommended by us) and spoke about skincare concerns, what to expect, as well as some hints and tricks she though might boost our regime after a look at the pre-facial questionnaire.

In this sense the approach of the clinic is friendly, welcoming and secure in a way that allows you to be comfortable and at ease with some of the procedures they perform – for example the body and facial peels. Our facial was combined with Lymphatism, a procedure that utilizes a compression system on the lower half of your body by entering something of a space-age trouser to aid lymphatic drainage and boosting body circulation. On its own it delivers fantastic results, however combined with the Yoga Facial the results can be dramatic, allowing patients to obtain a slimmer physique and a plumper visage almost immediately.

The facial itself starts of within familiar terrain with a double cleanse, exfoliation and an extraction whilst the lympathism machine is pummeling away on the lower half of the body. This makes for a peculiar experience, but one that is thoroughly relaxing and relaxing - especially when Maya performs a neck and shoulder massage to boot. The massage works two fold, helping to relax the upper muscles supporting the neck and face and acting as an introduction to the “Yoga” where Maya pummels and prods the jowl and cheek area in upwards, circulars and pinching like hand movements. The unique and specific finger movements allows for the supporting facial muscles to tighten in similar ways that full body yoga does for the physique.


Was it worth it? You bet. Love handles were eliminated, facial muscles felt tighter and we left feeling thoroughly relaxed and all together brighter. If you’re looking for the perfect start to the year and kick start your resolution to take care of your skin, then book an appointment with the Aesthetics Lab pronto.


Yoga Facial with Lymphastim,




Aesthetics Lab, 128 Regents Park Road, London NW1 8XL 

How to book: 

Visit www.aestheticslab.co.uk to book yourself in or call 020 7722 5872

Words by Sofia Khan

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