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At team 1883 Beauty, we are big fans of the peel.

They are quick, relatively pain free, have minimal down time and provide noticeable results. Listed as one of our ‘must have’ treatments, I didn’t need to be asked twice when presented with the opportunity to review one of the hottest new peels on the UK skincare scene.


Fresh from across the pond, The Perfect Peel is a revolutionary 5-Acid blended peel that can be used on any skin type and promises to deliver younger, healthier and clearer skin in just one week. What makes it ‘revolutionary’ is that it is the first peel to contain Glutathione; a key anti-ageing ingredient that naturally occurs in our bodies but depletes as we age due to air pollutants, environmental stress, sun exposure and the natural ageing process. Known as the ultimate anti-oxidant, Glutathione penetrates deep into the cellular level of the skin to fight against wrinkle causing oxidants and reverse our melanin’s metabolism, lighting dark spots and improving pigmentation. The Perfect Peel also contains Kojic Acid to lighten and increase collagen and elastin production, TCA, Phenol and Retinoic Acid to reduce wrinkles and correct pigmentation, and Salicylic Acid to exfoliate and reduce inflammation.


I visited one of London’s leading practitioners of anti-aging medicine Dr. Sarah Tonks at her private rooms in West Kensington, to find out if The Perfect Peel is really as ‘perfect’ as it claims to be.

With a back ground in traditional surgery and degrees in both Medicine and Dentistry, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Dr. Sarah Tonks isn’t one of those charlatan practitioners offering discounted Botox with a side of wonky eyebrows. She is also friendly and forthcoming, insuring all her patients are fully informed regarding the treatment they are about to receive.

The process with Dr. Tonks took a mere 15 minutes and involved a full cleanse to remove any impurities and peel application. Unlike the majority of peel that need to be removed after 2 to 5 minutes by a professional, The Perfect Peel requires a minimum of 6 hours application and can be safely washed off with water in the comfort of your own home.


To assist the peeling process and enhance the results, you are provided with an aftercare kit containing retinol wipes and a vitamin C moisturiser. Dr. Tonks also very kindly provided me with a tube of Oxygenetix, a breathable post procedure foundation that helps the healing process while covering a variety of skin problems. For folks with acne, scaring, pigmentation issues or those who just prefer a little extra coverage, this foundation really is a beauty must have. Thanks to the Oxygenetix foundation successfully covering my luminous red skin, I was able to get public transport all the way home without any suspicious glances.

As advised, I left the peel on for a minimum of 6 hours, washing it off before bed. By this point my skin was feeling a slightly tender and a little parched but thankfully no redder.


Over the next few days my skin continued to dry out and horror of horror, wrinkle! It wasn’t until the end of day 3 that my skin finally started to peel. Given that no woman should ever have to see a preview of her ageing self, the image of my peeling skin was surprisingly, greeted with a sigh of relief. The peeling process lasted around a week and by day 10 you couldn’t wipe that smirk off my face.

The Perfect Peel is hands down, the best peel I have ever had. My skin is tighter, clearer and visibly more youthful looking. Yes the wrinkle phase is pretty horrific and you need at least a week before you are halfway -presentable, but the discomfort is minimal and the results terrific!

If you want to minimize wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging without succumbing to the needle, then it’s time to try The Perfect Peel.

For further information on the perfect peel visit: www.theperfectpeel.co.uk

Words by Alicia Irvine-MacDougal

Image 2 courtesy of Dr Esho of Le Beau Ideal www.lebeauideal.co.uk  

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