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Daniel Caesar is slowly becoming a household name not only for those who enjoy listening to R&B but for every music enthusiast in general. The Canada born-and-bred artist first gained recognition in 2014 when he debuted his EP ‘Praise Break’ although it wasn’t until he released ‘Get You’ two years ago that he finally achieved worldwide popularity.

Fast forward to February 2018 when Daniel Caesar sold out two shows in London’s famous venue, the KOKO.
A stage setting that consisted of Persian rugs, a small living room-inspired desk and glimmering lights quite quickly made you forget that this show was taking place in one of London’s medium sized venues, with a crowd of over a 1000 fans who wholeheartedly sang along every word of his songs.

Caesar, whose debut album ‘Freudian’ hit the music outlets in the second quarter of last year, opened up his show with its same-titled lead single. Brilliantly supported by his live band and background vocalists, the R&B-singer proved that his headline show was about to be one to remember.
Performing older songs, as well as more songs from his highly acclaimed Grammy-nominated album – the musical talent did not fail to capture his bewildered crowd with each and every song he and his band showcased which was especially noticeable when his fans entirely took over singer H.E.R’s part from their collaborative single ‘Best Part’.

Daniel Caesar undoubtedly amazed with his effortlessly soulful and falsetto-driven vocals which perfectly complement the rather emotional lyrical content in his songs. His stage performance did not at all lack of enthusiasm – grabbing the guitar and jamming along to his songs was only one of the many moments in which you realized that Caesar is a hundred percent passionate about his music and wants to share it with his fans as much as he can.

It was an unforgettable night and once again demonstrated that the talented singer is slowly but surely taking over the genre of R&B and Neo-Soul.

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Interview Antonia Künzel

Photography by Anita McAndrew

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