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The club event that everyone’s heard of: Elrow. Recently dubbed ‘the most creative party in clubland’, the entertainment phenomenon, created by Juan Arnau Jr. and Cruz Arnau is a sensory overload, a feast for the eyes, a magical spectrum of wonderous marvel and joy.

Now in it’s eighth year, Elrow is enjoying massive amount of well-deserved popularity and attention – their December parties selling out in a matter of minutes. We caught up with Nico Grazioso, Elrow’s Head of Entertainment, to talk about the fun, madness and rhythm of Elrow…

Can you tell us a bit about the journey of Elrow so far, and how the themes have evolved over time?

The themes are related to the desire to grow and evolve with a great team, where dreams and imagination share the same space. In these years we have had the chance to evolve, as our audience and at the same time make our world and everything grow what happens in them. The topics have been filled with content and get more and more surprising our audience.

Where did the inspiration for Chinese Row Year come from?

The Chinese New Year is the maximum expression of extraordinary colours and emotions. Lights, effects, characters and activities are the soul of the Chinese New Year and our law and for this we connect in a philosophy and at the base of the true meaning of the party. That is why we managed to recreate the emotion of immersing ourselves in a close experience to our being.


Where do you go to get inspiration for new and exciting Elrow themes?

Elrow’s new inspirations come from the union of many factors including energy, travel, passion and lots of humour, but the secret of all this is the result of a great team, and the strength we invest in each creation and content.

Could you tell us a bit about the characters, costumes and animations at Elrow, and the importance of them?

The Elrow is differentiated by its different stories, the sets immerse us in the different worlds, and the characters accompany you to discover each world up close. The characters of the different themes with games and actions are related to our audience and help you discover the sense of the world that surrounds you in our party. 

Elrow tends to travel around to lots of different venues. What attracted you to Studio 338?

We’ve travelled through lots of different venues of the world, but Studio 338 for us is like coming home, A Great Club that has part of our heart in its soul, we are delighted to return in the most historical setting of our birth.

How would you describe Elrow to someone who’s never been before, or doesn’t know what it is?

Elrow is pure fun, it is the place where you can be yourself and enjoy as if you were a child, connecting with all the people around you thanks to the mixture of Colour, Magic, Emotions and Humor. It amazes those who have never gone and who has not missed one and since you enter when you go out you can enjoy the madness of simply extraordinary moments.7. What has been your favourite Elrow event to date?

Can you tell us anything about what’s in the pipeline for Elrow for 2019?

Elrow of 2019, will be full of new shows, new experiences new content and many new activations, that will bring more to the submersion of new scenarios to our large audience. Biggest festival and magnificent festivals where we will develop great news.

Sum Elrow up in 3 words.


Headliners Announced

Friday 28th December // Eats Everything
Saturday 29th December // Ilario Alicante
Sunday 30th December // Erick Morillo

There are still limited tickets available for Chinese Row Year, at Studio 338 on Sunday 30th December, 3pm – 3am. For more information and to grab your tickets click here.

Words by Ama Samra.




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