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Our tour starts with LIFE’s largest hometown show – A heaving pack-out at the infamous The Welly Club for band curated POP PARTY 2



Have you ever felt the walls breathing you in? Smelt the vapours of a club digesting the ooze? Have you ever heard the sound of silence, the calm before the storm? It’s still light outside but in here time is irrelevant and your pupils hone in like those of predatory hawks, hungry for LIFE. I see an endless sea of glow-sticks and neon paint. I see a wave of disconnected limbs and jaw bones swinging in tandem. Bundles of skin. Bags of bones. A mass of white noise and visual overload. Do not blink or you WILL miss it. What’s the sound of 420 hands clapping. A cacophony of slapping flesh that screams we are all here and we are all HULL. This is our city and you are our brothers and sisters……..

In the morning your breath is shallow and your eyes feel like they might have dissolved in the night. You’re pretty sure one of your arms has become longer than the other but it could just be a trick of the light that fractures in through the window.

Water. Something daft like 90% of the human body is made up of water and your levels seem drastically depleted. It’s time to clamber into a van and sail north to the land of thistles and iron bru. Time to meet our Scottish brethren in GLASGOW tastes like Sunday Buckfast. Glasgow tasted like dinner in the hall of King Tuts. A wah wah wah..... Glasgow doesn’t sleep as we ride to DJ an after-show with mates Baby Strange at their Club Sabbath. Praise the light and the mushy peas as we swerve towards our hostel it’s Manchester in the morning. It’s LIFE as we all know it.

Look out for part 2 as the band head to London as the tour continues.
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