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With New Years Eve just around the corner, we’re reflecting on the best music and biggest nights from 2018. We caught up with Will Bailey, aka Low Steppa, one of the most relevant names in house music, and the artist behind the explosive bootleg of Route 94’s track ‘My Love’.

We talk about his favourite music from this year, his label ‘Simma Black’ which is one of the most esteemed imprints around and look ahead to 2019.

When you’re not DJing or working your label, what would your ideal night out be with close friends?

I think it would be something completely away from clubs and music like going to a country pub, but this never happens! I’ve told myself I need to switch off sometimes, but I guess I’m addicted to the music and the studio! 2019 I’m going to attempt to actually go on holiday.

House music, partying and clubbing are ingrained within the UK’s nightlife scene, what did it mean to you when you were younger?

Well I loved clubs ever since I could first go to them, I wish I could experience that level of excitement again, lining up to get into the clubs and being so excited, it really was a magical time. They weren’t even good clubs or underground clubs that I first experienced but there would be a section of the night where the DJs would start playing tracks like Spin Spin Sugar or Runaway and I was hooked.

In your opinion, what artists or labels have been releasing the best material this year?

I love Snatch at the moment, cool stuff, not generic paint by numbers tech, there’s too much of that around. Johan S is great and his label Subtractive. I discovered him by Shazamming a track while watching Norman Jay play in Stoke! I love Traxsource too, always some amazing deep house.


If you could be a DJ in any era, when, why and where would you choose?

Easy one for me, I would go back to 1999/2000 where it started for me, the music will never be that good again ever! Gives me goose bumps thinking about it, the music, the vinyl, the record shops, the friends, heaven…

Which single night really stood out for you in 2018?

Well there is definitely one weekend that stands out, in April on one of the Fridays I did my own show in Birmingham, sold it out, it was such an amazing party and then the night after was Defected Bristol, and that was just incredible. I said at the time that it’s going to take a lot to beat that weekend for me, doing my own Boiling Point show and then doing a Defected show... the crowds were so good.

Do you have a favourite set which you like to play?

To be honest sometimes I’m just getting warmed up and then it’s time to finish! So I’d like to maybe explore longer sets, like all-nighters, I used to do that for years anyway as a bar DJ.

It would be fair to say that you are an inspiration to many aspiring DJ’s, do you have any advice which you think was key to your success as you entered the industry? 

I was always keen to learn about the music, the history, who was big, who was big in my city, I respected the local legends as much as the international guys. I always say do it for the love and the rest will come. Practice lots, go out and dance lots, meet people and just live house music.

From your entire collection, which tune never fails?

Daft Punk - One More Time, don’t need to say any more ha.

Low Steppa will be playing at the sold-out Defected NYE event at London’s Printworks, alongside MK, Purple Disco Machine and Simon Dunmore. If you weren’t lucky enough to bag tickets to this, you can catch him playing at the Defected & Glitterbox New Year’s Day event at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.

For more information & to buy tickets click HERE

Words by Max Streetley & Ama Samra.

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