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Outlook Festival 2018 and why we already want to come back next year…

This year was my eighth year at Outlook festival. I’ve returned every year since 2011 because, to put it simply, it’s the best festival. As techno, house and minimal music are experiencing a continuously steady rise in popularity, there are less and less festivals which offer line-ups filled with grime, drum & bass, garage, dubstep, reggae and all the other bass-fuelled genres we know and love. But true to form, when this years’ Outlook line-up was announced, it gleamed with the best names in bass music, including many of the most talented in the game: Outlook regulars - Shy FX, Chimpo, Digital Mystikz and Calibre. As well as a whole host of new acts to the festival including J Hus, Lady Leshurr, and the queen of all queens: Birmingham’s own – Stefflon Don. We couldn’t wait to reach the shores of Pula for another year of unforgettable music in an unforgettable place. Here are some of the things we love most about Outlook, and why we can’t resist its magnetic pull that keeps us returning year, after year, after year…


The Opening Concert

We kicked the festival off with this years Opening Concert. Set in a spectacular amphitheatre location, Pula Arena, which is around 2000 years old and offers attendees a chance to party in one of the most momentous venues in the world. With a huge line-up, including Bonobo, David Rodigan & the Outlook Orchestra, Children of Zeus (and Wiley, who cancelled last minute), we knew we were in for a treat. The concert wet our musical appetite and offered a taste of what was to come. In his classic style, music royalty David Rodigan gave a vibrant performance, exuding positive vibes and uniting the arena with the ‘sounds of Jamaica’. Followed by Bonobo, who bathed the arena with his intense electronic sounds. This was not one to miss.


The Beach

Since our first visit to Outlook in 2011, the beach has changed a lot. What used to be a sandpit (/dance floor) and a small white tent with a table and some decks underneath, is now a fully-fledged stage, with all the necessary bells and whistles to bring maximum beach party vibes. With music and beach parties starting at midday every day, there’s almost always something to keep the crowds looking lively. This year, our highlight was the Levelz beach party, which saw the talented Manchester DJ/MC collective inject the crowd with two hours of unwavering energy and Outlook spirit, setting them up nicely for the evening of music ahead.


The Fort

You have to see it to believe it. Standing out from the festival crowd by several miles, Outlook has without a doubt one of the most unique, impressive and quite frankly, spectacular locations on offer. Set in an abandoned fortress built in the nineteenth century, it’s difficult to comprehend the gravity of where you’re partying. The Dungeon, The Ballroom and The Stables – the names give clues of what the spaces were in their past lives. Our stand-out stage (and our favourite) has to be the most dramatic, amazing and intense – The Moat: a long narrow clearing filled with a powerful sound-system and dazzling lights, like nothing you’ve ever raved in before. This year, our highlight was Barely Legal’s Friday set, which mesmerised ravers, putting them under her spell.


Boat Parties

Anyone who’s been on an Outlook boat party will tell you that it’s essential if you want the full Outlook experience. Admittedly, the idea of waking up after hours of raving the night before sounds bleak, but in reality, the hardest part is getting from your bed to the boat. Once you’re on board, it’s plain sailing from there... Floating around the sparkling Adriatic Sea, surrounded by likeminded Outlookers and listening to the tunes of your choice; it’s the perfect hangover cure. And if you’re lucky enough to catch a 3pm boat, watch out (though it’s not hard to miss), the gorgeous silky sunset. And it seems we can’t get enough of Levels… three hours on a boat with this lot was enough to cure our festival blues as Outlook was drawing to a close, and we were doused in positive Northern vibes as we geared up for closing night.

For more information and to register for Outlook 2019 click HERE.

Words by Ama Samra

Photography @chazzadnitt and @hirobjones


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