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Skeleton Key Records signing The Sundowners are nothing short of majestic. The dual vocal harmonies of Naimh Rowe and Fiona Skelly are like musical silk as the entire five-piece ooze an effortless cool that no doubt played a part in them gaining Jack Rocks 7 status.

A psych-pop, folk tinged masterpiece ‘Cut The Master’ is the quintet’s second LP that has cuts floating through the speakers inside the Jack Rocks tent on the Saturday of this year’s Reading festival. Prior to their performance, we grabbed Niamh and Fiona for quick chat over a Jack Daniels or two...

How has festival season been treating you so far?

Niamh: Good, we’ve had loads of festivals.

Fiona: We’ve been busy.

What’s been your favourite festival so far?

Niamh: Glastonbury.

Fiona: I’d say Isle of Wight Festival.

Niamh: Isle of Wight as well was brilliant.

What’s your favourite way someone else has described your music?

Niamh: I can’t even remember.

Fiona: I can’t remember anything...

Niamh: Otherworldly.

Fiona: Did you just make that up?

Niamh: No someone said that, someone has said otherworldly.

Fiona: Yeah I’ll go with that.

What is your most rock n roll story?

Fiona: How long have you got? [Laughs]

Niamh: One time we were driving to a gig and this black cab was driving alongside us in London and Ronnie Wood was in it and I just flipped, I was like, ‘it’s Ronnie Wood!’ repeatedly, screaming out of the window, ‘Ronnie! Ronnie!’ That’s my best story.

Where are you guys based at the minute?

Niamh: Wirrall.

What is the music scene like there?

Fiona: Really, really good.

Niamh: There’s loads of good bands.

Fiona: You’ve got The Mysterines, She Drew The Gun, Marvin Powell...

Niamh: The Coral, Bill Ryder Jones.

Fiona: There’s a great poet too called Jack Howarth, he’s brilliant. So there’s quite a bit of diversity going on – lots of different ages and genres and it’s all trying to get the artists under the umbrella of Skeleton Key, which is the label we’re on. We’re keeping all of our eyes, ears, everything peeled waiting to hear some cool new bands.

Have you thought about making the move to London?

Fiona: It’s not an option, my life is there and my family is there.

Niamh: Home is where the heart is.

Fiona: If I had to leave there, everyone would have to come with me, I just couldn’t go.

Niamh: I just don’t think I could be away from the sea at all, I think when you grow up by the sea it’s part of you and you can’t ignore that. I don’t think I could live inland.

What are your plans for the next year?

Both: Umm [laughs].

Niamh: Recording and writing mainly because we’ve been gigging for about seven years now, so we’re going to have a break from gigs and just record and write new material again.

What’s a question you’ve always wanted to be asked?

Niamh: Are you 21?

Both: [laughs]

Words by Shannon Cotton

Photography Anna Smith

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