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Please tell me a bit about your self. When did you first take up photography?

At the age of eight I borrowed my father’s camera - he was quite a passionate hoppy photographer, and I started to take pictures of my family and my pets. Ever since then I have become addicted to photography. 

I spent a lot of time experimenting with photography and over time developed all kinds of idea’s and techniques. When I left school I took a number of internship’s in the film industry and one at a still life photography studio, before going to study philosophy and media decided. But I came back to photography. Four years ago I decided to move from Berlin to Paris, hoping to make that step towards the international fashion market.

What was it that inspires you and what was your inspiration for your 1883 Shoot?

I would say for me, the most inspiring aspect in photography is the model. I like to work as if I am taking portraiture as opposed to just a fashion shoot. Developing the direction of a shoot always has different aspects for me. ….there is in general, a certain kind of mood or atmosphere that I will follow, however I also have a big inspiration book and archive which helps me to stay on track with my idea’s . If I am working on a submission story for a magazine, then I will talk with the stylist .

In fashion photography what is the relationship between a photographer and stylist?

The photographer and stylist are dependant on each other. You need to have a closely together during the preparation of a shoot to find the right direction . The shoot for 1883 Magazine was the first time stylist Natalie Yuksei and I had worked together, but it will not be the last time!

As a fashion photographer what do you think is the most important aspect to bear in mind whilst shooting?

For me personally I always want to see some truth in the shoot. I want it to be natural and original.

How do the clothes compliment your photography? Or is it the other way round?

I think it is in between……

Interview by Penelepe Sacorafou

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