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Name:  Mason Guido              

Agency: IMG

Height: 6’2

Shoe: 11

From: Ghana, England, Poland , Russia


Where were you scouted?

I was scouted off Instagram. A friend of mine showed her booker and the next thing I know I was signing a contract and then walking exclusive for Versace weeks later.

Were you surprised about being scouted?

Absolutely, it’s not something I thought I’d be doing If I’m honest.

What was your best experience so far as a model?

It’s very hard to pick out one as there have been a lot of amazing experiences and I’ve worked with some of the best in the industry, but  jumping around on trampolines for the Burberry festive campaign and working with some major celebs definitely stands out!

What’s been the lowest point?

Being broke eating crackers for breakfast during my first season in Milan and not booking a single job after running around doing what felt like a hundred castings. I thought about giving up, but I’m glad I didn’t because I booked a campaign shortly after that. Everything happens for a reason.

If you weren’t modeling, what would you do?

I’m a qualified physiotherapist so probably something along those lines or working in technology. ** nerd face **

What lifestyle changes have you made since you started modeling?

Very little has changed. Maybe I dress a bit more “trendy” these days and don’t let my hair get so wild =]

If you could work with anyone in the industry, who would it be? 

There are lots of amazing people I have already, and loads more I would  love to work with, but I really admire Ozwald Boating - a fellow Ghananian - and him being the first black tailor on Saville row. It would be an honour,

Would you have any tips for newcomers to the industry?

Make sure its something you enjoy doing and have the patience for.

What are your travel essentials when you are working abroad?

A neck pillow is a gamechanger. That and my laptop are all I really need .

What do you prefer, runway or editorial?

Ooo tough one, I really enjoy doing both… they each have their own pros. Shows are an insane buzz especially before you walk out! I still get butterflies! But shooting is amazing – it’s usually a longer day and you get to see the final result and really collaborate with the photographer. 

Describe the industry in three words:

A f**king whirlwind

Tell us a secret:

Well then it wouldn’t be a secret…

Favourite spot in london? 

Outside city hall in London Bridge, that’s my happy place in London, I can sit there for hours and just people watch, the view and architecture are a gorgeous mix of old London and modern London.

Your life, summed up as a cocktail:

flaming Lamborghini – google it

Do you dream in colour?

Haha wow... well sepia actually.


Interview: Sofia Khan
Photography: Jack Alexander / @jackalexanderUK
Stylist: Edith Walker Millwood / @ewm_stylist
Model: Mason Guido @ IMG / @mrma5on
Special thanks: The Hoxton, Shoreditch @thehoxtonhotel



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