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This summer we have teamed with talent company Mastered. With their growing network they have built a talent database of over 3,500 photographers, stylists, art directors, film-makers, hairstylists, makeup artists and designers from 80 different countries. 

Over the last few years Mastered have enabled new talent to collaborate with global image-makers, nurturing the next generation of creatives.

Each yeah Mastered take a selection of students to a different foreign location for 2 days of classes, workshops and masterclasses with industry mentors and experts.

This week will be joining Mastered in Montreal for #masteredlivecanada, a two-day event put on by the fashion talent development people over at @masteredhq. We will be checking out their workshops and photoshoots, meet talent from all over the world, rub shoulders with industry experts and will bring you all the best moments, so keep a look out for our updates. 

To learn more about Mastered head to www.mastered.com

Photo Djeneba Aduayom 


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