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Canadian outerwear brand Moose knuckles have launched their AW18 collection in what can only be described as an innovative, creative and forward thinking way of showcasing a collection.

A carefully selected group of fashion insiders and influencers from around the world were flown to Berlin, Germany to spend 48 hours in The Shady Mapel Motel.

The two- day event kicked off the celebrations with ’A night of Cheese’ where guests were welcomed in to a slumber party-esque setting with comfy chairs and bean bags to lounge on whilst watching vintage horror film trailors (a favourite past time for MK Creative Director). Music was provided by CURSES and Alic Gao whilst guests mingled 

Day 2 was the main event which started with a glorious formal dinner. Berlin based DJ Trap Taliban kicked off the evenings events by getting us in the party mood with his signature afro beats/ hip hop sound, followed by another Berlin based act, rapper Vvarholla. Spaghetti boys and Siobian Bell also jumped behind the decks before a surprise performance from Harlem Native Sheck Wes who raised the roof with an energy fuelled performance to end the night.

I sat down with Creative Director of MK Steph Hoff to discuss the latest offering from this iconic brand

Tell me how you came to work with MK?

I was working in Toronto doing freelance work. I took a trip to Montreal where I met Ayel and Noah who were buttoned down, hilarious and not at all how you would expect CEO’s to be.  They loved every idea I came up, which  led me to believe I could create something cool. The mere fact that they found my ideas interesting was a formula for success. I’ve definitely done some great work over the past 12 years. My artistry takes a certain type of objective and leadership for it to be recognized. Since they wanted all I had to offer, it was easy for me to accept the position.

What was the concept behind the latest collection?

This will be our tenth year. We have our core products, carry-over styles and classics which continue to be our best- sellers. As we globally expand, we have discovered those are the styles that people are gravitating to as they’re the most iconic. This year, we expanded on our non-fur options. There’s a demand internationally, especially in the UK for non fur options. We want to give the market what they’re asking for, so we’ve extended into shearling and non-fur options.

We’ve always had a strict policy which I’m extremely proud of, in terms of sustainability and ethically sourcing our fur. Our distribution channels and supply chains and the way that we transport fabrics off shore and in Canada adhere to a high ethical standard and we want to continue to offer responsible products.

How did the collaboration with Mary Katrantzou Come about?

Like anything else we do, it happened organically. A mutual friend introduced us to Mary. We started chatting and thought, let’s make something together. We’re not the type of brand that likes to get our hooks on the latest trend, biggest designer or hottest new rapper. Most of the people we work with we already knew or have mutual friends. They can also be people we’ve met while out for a beer.

The last campaign we shot (The Shady Mapel) was shot with my friends from Kids Studio who are also from Toronto. They were up for 5 Video music awards this year and are doing enormously well. I’ve known the Director since he was in high school.

We’re working with our people and using MK as a platform for global distribution, for our friends, artistry and our message. It’s not about exploiting youth culture, it’s about being a part of youth culture, propelling and contributing to it.

I know you love scary movies 

(laughs) how did you guess?

How did the idea of the Shady Mapel Motel come about? 

I’ve been a horror film fan my whole life. With that said undeniably, it’s a trend right now and last year was the highest grossing year for horror films ever. As a life-long horror-head it seemed right to do it now. The concept behind The Shady Mapel Motel was inspired by a movie called, Suspiria which has just been released.

It’s not about jumping on bandwagons, it just felt natural to do it now.

If you were to go on a wild adventure in Berlin with 3 famous people who would they be? 

That’s a tough one, but I would say, Vincent gallo, he seems like he’d be a lot of fun (I also have a crush on him). The second would probably be Nick cave, he seems like a lot of fun too and he’s one of my favourite musicians and then the third would have to be Iggy Pop. That seems like a good crew 

Why did you choose Berlin to host this press trip?

We picked Berlin because we’ve expanded enormously in the European market. We’ve distributed heavily throughout Europe and we’ve also created this community here, too. We have a lot of contributors who have become friends. Berlin is an amazing city. Your money goes far in this city so we knew we wanted to spend a lot of money so our buck goes a little further. We knew we could throw a real rager on an MK level of luxury over here. We definitely blew the budget 

What are your hopes for MK in the next 5 years?

I hope it stays in its niche. I hope it never becomes too Mainstream because we really are the anti-luxury, luxury coat. We have our community. Wearing that logo on your sleeve means you’re part of a community of disrupters, creators, movers, shakers and of people who don’t take themselves too f***ing seriously! We’re the new generation, we’re not living in Karl’s world, we’re living in Vigil’s world, you know? We are ethnically diverse, we are non educated, we’re teaching ourselves, we’re entrepreneurs, we have unique new opinions, we’re not super worried about gender roles. This is the world we’re living in now and Moose Knuckle represents that. 

For the latest on Moose Knuckles visit www.mooseknucklescanada.com

Interview by Sarah Mulindwa

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