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Meet Faith, Esme, Jasmine and Angel. Together they from Nayva, a girl group on mission change the conversation around fashion and beauty for a Gen Z audience. With each episode of their new digital show dropping each week on Kyra TV the girls dive into the early 2000’s, in a challenge to see who can create the most iconic Y2K looks with Jorja Smith’s stylist, Leah Abbot judging their final combinations.

Covering DIY fashion to experimental makeup, the girls explore trends and ideas across beauty, fashion, music, and art; spreading their message about being yourself, having fun with style and not being afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

We have a chat with the quartet about the shows concept, their fashion do’s and don’ts and how digital channels such as Kyra TV are as just powerful as traditional TV to get your message across.

What does NAYVA stand for?

Angel: The word NAYVA doesn’t actually stand for anything, but we’ve given it our own meaning...

Esme: So now it means being yourself, expressing who you are however you want to, and loving yourself! We really want to manifest this message through the show, in all the things we do in every episode. 

How did the group come together

Angel: Me and Faith already knew each other in Los Angeles. We’d been friends for a while, and saw each other out and about. But Kyra TV brought us together. Esme is also from LA, and the three of us met Jasmine when we came over to London in the Summer.

Jasmine: Once we all met, we became instant friends and hit the ground running with NAYVA!


What are your fashion do’s and don’ts?

Faith: Don’t think wearing minimal clothes make you look better. Do colour coordinate.

Angel: Don’t worry about being too much. Do feel free to be inspired by things in fashion but also outside fashion… like colour, nature, animals, etc.

Jasmine: Don’t think that everyone cares. Do go out of your comfort zone.

Esme: Don’t dress for anyone else…. Do dress for yourself.

Who are your fashion icons?

F: Uglyworldwide, Slick Woods

A: I’m inspired by older decades. I especially love 70s fashion and 90s RnB vibes.

E: Me too, I love the style of 90s hip hop

J: Bratz Dolls

Why do you think the show will resonate with young people?

A: Our show is something that will resonate with young people everywhere, no matter where you’re from or you background… The message is universal, positive and welcoming to all.

J: In a world where there’s so much negativity online, we’re trying to be a positive presence. I think that’s something young people need, both online and offline. We’re flipping it on its head with positivity, love and humour.

F: We’re taking a serious industry and making it lighthearted and accessible to everyone! That’s something that’s really important to us – we want everyone to be creative with style and self-expression.

With so many beauty brands available on the market, which brands or products do you swear by?

F: Clay cosmetics, Milk and Morphe

A: Morphe and Freck

E: ColourPop. It’s so good and super affordable. Anastasia Beverly Hills too, it’s always so consistent.

J: I don’t tend to stick to certain brands, I like to try new things and experiment with new brands all the time.

In episode one you do a challenge to see who can style the most iconic Y2K look... if you could style and transform a celebrity who would it be?

A: Aaliyah. Or Rihanna

E: Lil Peep

F: North West

J: Billie EIlish

Are you still studying alongside the show? If so, how do you juggle it all?

E: I’m still finishing my last year of high school. I’ll make time for studying before I go to bed, because it puts me to sleep... haha!

You all have such great style... have you ever turned up in the same outfit as another member? Do you have to outfit check whenever you meet up?

F: Me and jasmine have done it before!

A: Sometimes we do it on purpose... to have BFF matching looks! So it looks cute.

With so many different opportunities with platforms such as Kyra TV proving that the Digital TV channel can be just as powerful as traditional TV following the success of PAQ, what would you advise young people who aspire to perhaps be on a show like NAYVA?

A: Do as much as you can to get yourselves out there. Start your digital portfolio, even Instagram is a great stepping stone.

E: Exactly! Take the first step and start a Youtube channel like I did. It really opened so many doors for me, including NAYVA!

J: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, whether it’s modelling or acting try to take every opportunity you can!

Will viewers be able to ask questions/request topics of discussion?

A: Of course, we always encourage our viewers to leave questions and requests in the comments section of our videos on YouTube. We read all of them!

Who would your dream guest?

All: Jeffree Star!

J: Billie EIlish

A: Or James Charles

What would you ask them?

A: I’d ask Jeffree Star to beat my face!

How often can we expect an episode?

J: We started out with bi-weekly episode, but starting December episodes will be weekly.

F: Make sure you’re subscribed!

How do you come up with the concept of each episode?

J: We are all so passionate about everything we put out on NAYVA. We’re all really creative and love beauty and fashion, so we have loads of ideas. We constantly work with our team at Kyra to bring them to life!

And finally, what are your hopes for NAYVA in the next 5 years?

All: We want to take over the world!

For all their latest episodes visit their YouTube page here. 
And follow them on instagram via @nayva.official

Interview by Sarah Mulindwa

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