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Reincarnating classic femininity and shedding some monochromatic light on the elegant woman, Ole Yde has 1883 positively salivating with his distinctive fashion-meets-18th century-art-in-a-dark-Danish-fable aesthetic…

Born out of a “dream of attempting to bring back the gentle, strong and above all elegant woman” Yde is the industry’s unhinged, dream designer, sending the world of apparel into a modern-romance tailspin. 

From polar ends of the fashion spectrum, Yde has been representing the extremes of Danish fashion since 2005, churning out demi-couture juxtaposed with clothes for every woman, causing a mass breakout of contagious excitement with each innovative collection. 

It’s always been a rocky road for fashion and fantasy, but Yde has easily smoothed the path and lead the way for an ultra-modern, ultra-sophisticated union of reality and the fantastical. When the Dane designs, it’s about more than just clothes. There’s a multitude of twisted yet tantalizing universes created in relation to each collection, generating a unique fashion fusion of nostalgic retro with a contemporary spark. 

Focusing on elements of history and tradition could be a recipe for fashion regurgitation disaster, but not when Ole Yde is at the wheel, steering the brand above and beyond the realms of convention. “The goal is not to make a nostalgic copy of the past, but to have the light of the past shine upon both the present and the future.” Whether it’s a fur-stoled moll in her gangsters sharply tailored jacket and oversized velvet trilby, a vulnerable private eye in a sleeveless skirt-suit, or a femme fatale in a sensuous silk evening gown, there’s always a character straight from a storybook with an elaborate Yde twist. Standing up against the trend bullies with seasonless creations, Yde has filled a void in womenswear, turning the banal humdrum of tanks and t-shirts into untamed silhouettes and matchless intricities.

But it’s not all enigmatic film noir inspiration and folk tale musings. There’s timeless staples, clean lines and empowering precision tailoring too. And with a boutique as unconventional as his label, a collaboration with Georg Jensen and an Illum Design Award under his career belt there’s seemingly no end to the Copenhagen resident’s talent.

Exceptionally minimal or extremely complicated, Yde is bringing femininity to the forefront of fashion in an elaborate couture manner – think Marlene Dietrich glamour meets Marie Antoinette promiscuity in an enchanted forest after dark. An uncompromising pallet of black and white might intimidate most multihue enthusiasts, however, elaborate embellishment, exquisite draping and splashes of brushed gold and burnt orange are enough to penetrate the gloom. With bordering-on-fetish leathers, dangerous micro-mini’s and sensuous sheer blouses, the fairytale king has proved that femininity doesn’t stop at twee and fantasy doesn’t have to look like Alice in Acidland.

Long live the king!

Interview by Sara Bonser

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