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Caroline Flack, is sat in the lavish bathroom of the Dorset Hotel in Shepherds Bush. Caroline is warm, friendly and beautifully sun kissed. The bubbly TV presenter began her career on the notorious ’Bo’ Selecta! ’, in 2002 and has gone on to present various shows for ITV. Caroline has presented for shows such as the popular ’Love Island’  and ’The X-Factor’ alongside Olly Murs. 

In 2014 the multi-talented Caroline danced her way into the nations hearts by winning ’Strictly Come Dancing’, however Caroline was no stranger to the stage having left school at the age of 16 to attend a performing art’s course. October 2015 was more proof of Caroline’s various talents, as she released her first autobiography ’Storm In a C cup’ which gained rave reviews and was a cosmic success. This year Caroline is continuing to present ’Love Island’ which was nominated for the best TV show at the NTAs.  Most recently Caroline has finally been able to put her musical training to use, as she will be appearing in  ’Crazy For You’ which begins touring in August. Caroline once again will be proving to Britain how much of a shining star she truly is! 

How did you get the part of ’Bubbles’ in the ’Bo’Selecta!’ series?

It’s actually a very interesting story I was sat in the reception of a hotel, I was very fortunate to get talking to the producer of ’Bo’ Selecta!’. We got on very well and I was asked to star in the show. It was a fabulous experience, and a very lucky one!

If you weren’t a television presenter/actress what other career would of pursued?

Acting and television was always my passion growing up, I don’t think I would of chosen to pursue anything else. Growing up there wasn’t always a lot of acting opportunities in Norfolk, I would attend one drama class per week. I then moved to Cambridge to pursue acting more seriously, it was there that I started attending a performing arts course. 

What was it like writing your autobiography ’Storm in a C cup’?

Writing my autobiography was incredibly fun, the experience was much like writing a diary. The autobiography goes through my childhood in Norfolk, through my student days and eventually how I worked my way into television. I was really pleased with the success it received, and it gave people the chance to get to know me better. My main focus was my childhood, I wrote about what it was like to be a twin and documented the highs and lows throughout all of my experiences, allowing  people to get to know me better.

What career advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in television?

We are very fortunate to live in a generation where we have the internet, sites like ’Youtube’ allow young creatives the opportunity to develop their own shows. When I was younger I had to record all of my work on VHS, today you can easily produce work on your phone, so it should  be used to complete advantage. I think if you want to create a career in television its important to consistently create, and produce your own material. 

Are you excited about starring in Crazy For You, your first theatre stage role?

I was absolutely thrilled when I received the role, I had no idea I would get the part when I auditioned. I am very much looking forward to it and returning back to my ’thespian’ routes I trained in. It’s a great show that tells the story of ’Bobby’ the son of a wealthy banking family in New York, who falls in love with ’Polly’ who is the daughter of the owners of a theatre which is falling apart. I auditioned for the part of Polly but this being my first theatre production, I decided to play Irene, who’s more adventurous and naughty. I wanted a supporting role for my first show. I want to earn my stripes fair and square.

Who influences your fashion sense/who are your style icons?

I am continuously changing my image, however I would have to say that Bridget Bardot and Kate Moss are two of my favourite icons! I would also have to say my mum is incredibly influential, I used to love borrowing her makeup when I was younger and dressing up in her clothes. 

Love Island is on ITV2 nightly until the end of July. The Crazy For You national theatre tour begins in August: crazyforyoutour.comCaroline is ambassador for no added sugar drink Zeo. #Cheat On Water: drinkzeo.com


Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Carlo Zambon
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Fashion Jon Revel
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Art Direction Jon Revell

Hair and Make Up Christian Vermaak

Production Assistant Tamara Borodaneva

Location Dorset Hotel, Shepards Bush


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