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So young and so sweet living in Upper Manhattan New York City, actress and award winning film maker Chloë Levine graced our screens as Sunday Wilson in a thriller called "Innocence" directed by Hilary Brougher in 2013.

The young ambitious lady won best experimental short for her film “Dragon” at Tribeca film institute in 2014.

She co-stars in 2016 “The Transfiguration” and the new mini tv series Marvel’s “The Defenders” which airs on Netflix’s, we catch up with Chloë Levine in her home town New York City to find out out more.

Tell us about your role in “The Defenders”, who is Lexi Raymond?

Lexi Raymond is a teenager whose father is an architect who designs this building that becomes quite important in the story line. My character Lexi, she definitely has difficulty dealing with something traumatic and we watch her throughout the story, dealing with those emotions and eventually accepting the help that’s given to her.

Have you always been a fan of Marvel?

Yeah, always actually really been a fan of marvel, I was really into it when I was in middle school, specifically the X-men, I was all about the X-men in school because I was a bit of a weirdo and they were all about accepting the differences.

How does it feel working along side super heroes?

Its pretty incredible, I remember the first table read, I walked in and literally there’s real life super hero’s sitting at the table and I was pretty star stuck but yeah its really surreal working with them.

If you could pick any super power from the marvel universe what would you have?

That’s a really good question, I think I would want to be like mystique and change into anyone, I think that’s the coolest power, just to be anyone at any time.

How did you find filming in New York and how long did it take?

Well I’m a New Yorker so I love working in my own city. I love being there, it’s just so easy to work and come home rather than finish work and have to be in a hotel somewhere you’re not totally familiar with, so yeah its really great it was wonderful working in my own city.

You’re in 3 of the episodes so far, how much character development do we get to see from Lexi?

You actually get to see quite a bit from her, we start at a really dark place and end up really taking help, which is awesome for her, I think she has a really nice arc.

So what made you get into filmmaking and acting? Where did it all come from?

Well I come from a family of artist and my older sister who is 8 years older than me was an actress, so when I was little I’d go on auditions with her and one day when I was around 6 I went into the managers office and was like “Hey when is it my turn”, she said “Yeah you want to do this?” and I responded “Definitely”.  That’s really where it all started for me.

What has been your favourite role or film that you’ve been involved with to date?

I don’t think favourite is the right word just because they all take a piece of my heart but the one that comes to mind is a film I did called “Savage Youth” which is a true crime story based off of four teenagers who killed these other teenagers in a small town outside of Chicago. I played one of the murderers; it was by far one of the most intense experiences of my life, just because we were shooting in the actual town where it happened and the director who was from that town remembered going to the trial and everything. Sometimes I like to push myself personally but with this project I didn’t need to at all it definitely pushed my limits by its self. 

Being a filmmaker and actress you find yourself behind and in front of the camera, where do you prefer to be? 

I like doing both so much and I’m working on my next short film and loving it so much but I love acting in front of the camera too; I think I’m just in love with story telling and especially through the medium of film, I guess you could say I’m just in love with both.

What can we look forward to seeing from you over the rest of the year?

You’ll see me in HBO’s  “The Deuce” and “High Maintenance” I just wrapped on “The Ranger” which is a thriller, horror which should be really fun, you can also watch me now on” The OA” on Netflix and “Transfiguration” too so once you’re done binging “The Defenders” you know where to go.  

Alright, it was lovely talking to you, thank you very much!

Thank you it was great, lovely talking to you too!

Catch Chloë playing Lexi Raymond in Marvel’s "The Defenders” on Netfix.

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