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From starring in World War II film Music, War and Love together with Stellan Skarsgard and Stephen Dorf to appearing in Disney’s Maleficent and BBC’s Bad Education. British rising star actor Leo Suter is quickly making a name for self him in the industry. With Leo currently on our screens in the ITV smash drama series Victoria playing a security gay private secretary of the Prime Minister, we were lucky to find time to take him to a Soho pub to chat about guilty pleasure films, working with a-class actors and his future plans.


So Leo…a quick introduction.

I am Leo Suter and I am currently playing Mr Drummond on Sunday night in the show Victoria.

Did you always want to become an actor? What would have been your plan B? 

I think I did. I was in my final year at school when I started doing it professionally, and realised how much I loved it as a job and not just a hobby. When I went to University and graduated in medicine but when I finished I wanted to be an actor again.

How did your first acting role come about?

The first one was in a school play. But TV-wise I went just to an audition, and got a part in Bad Education which turned out to be a really successful comedy. 

You are currently starring in Victoria, can you tell us a little about your character Edward Drummond?

He is a young man with quite some power, he is the private secretary of the prime minister. But on top of that he has got strong, strange and exciting feelings towards a lord but he needs a wife for political advancement but he is probably in love with a man. Playing a gay character in this era is very interesting. We are in the 1840’s, homosexual didn’t even exist as a word back then. 

How did you prepare yourself for the role then?

In terms of the Victorian period I did a lot of research and reading historical books. In terms of homosexuality there is this wonderful drawing of Simeon who drew this image of a young man who is just getting married to his wife and he is kissing her but her eyes are open. So you get the feeling that she knows his heart is not with her. But I also did some research. 

You also star in epic love story feature Music, War and Love.

That was a really exciting film I did. It is about a young man who is falling in love with a Jewish violinist, it is based in the second world war. He tries to get through to her and keep her alive.

How was working with the likes of Stellan Skarsgard or Connie Nielsen?

A great privilege and a great joy to watch how they operate. They are just sheer acting talent, it was wonderful. Stellan was my mentor in the film and later on-set as well. 

Obviously you have played quite a few roles so far, which has been your favourite?

That is a tricky one. I feel like I’m cheating on my characters if I say it. Each character is interesting and I find joy in each one.

Is there still a role you haven’t played yet but would love to, personality-wise or else?

Well, I’d love to play in a Shakespeare film. 

Which films are you watching in your private time? Do you have any guilty pleasure film?

It’s so embarrassing. My guilty pleasure film is Notting Hill. I also love the film Victoria. 

Finally, what is next?

I’ve got some iron in the fire but I don’t want to jinx it. Let’s hope everything will work out. 


Victoria continues on ITV on Sunday at 9pm and is available on the ITV hub.

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