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Matilda Sturridge has a look that makes heads turn. Smouldering eyes, dark, raven hair and pursing rosy lips, she could have walked straight out of a Hitchcock film. And with acting running in her blood (her brother is The Boat That Rocked star Tom Sturridge, her mother is also an actress and her father is a director) it’s no wonder she featured on Vogue’s ones to watch list this year. Featuring in Sky One’s The Borgias and The Great Gatsby musical last year 1883 sat down with the lovely lady on a cold February day to delve deeper into her world.


What got you into acting?
I’ve always really enjoyed it and when I was young I’d do the school plays. Obviously my family’s in the business! I was always around it a lot and when I was around 13 a new drama teacher started at my school called Simon Parker. He was amazing.  He took drama more seriously in our school and he took me under his wing.
It’s good when people nurture something…
I know it’s amazing, I mean he’s still one of my best friends now and I still go to him all the time. He’s the man!
You’ve featured both in TV and theatre. Do you have a preference?
No I love them all so much! They’re all so different and I really enjoy it. I did Gatsby and then went straight into doing a TV job after. The process is completely different but I love both of them. There’s something nice about stage, doing something every night and it becoming your own, and you can change it. But then again I love the process of film and TV.
How was it playing the infamous Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby at the King’s Head Theatre?
It was amazing. It was scary when I found out because everyone knows her and everyone has their opinion on her. It’s a difficult part to play every night but I really love her and I’m so excited to go back to her. It’s coming back in May!


Do you have any rituals or techniques to get into character before acting?
This is so weird, I was just talking with the cast the other day and how I’m the worst person when it comes to rituals! Around ten minutes before I went on stage, I’d call my two-year-old son as it was his bedtime and sing him a bedtime song. That was my warm up! Everyone else was so good and they’d go out and do their warm up! I guess I didn’t have any rituals but I started to do things at the same time every evening: this is when I put my jewellery on, this is when I do my makeup… the minute the costume goes on, then it’s like ‘I’m ready!’
Do you have fond memories of filming The Borgias too?
That was great. That was my first job after I had Rudy and that was filmed in Budapest. I took my mum out and she’d look after Rudy whilst I was working. Jeremy Irons who is the Borgias was out there too! It was a really nice job to be the first job back into.
If you could work with any actor/actress, who would it be and why?
I’d love to work with Meryl Streep. I love everyone and loved everyone I’ve worked with!
Now it’s fair to say family is a big part of your life...
Very big!


Do you feel being a mother has changed your perspective on acting?
Definitely, it made me so much more focused. I’d go into an audition and I would say to myself, ‘I definitely need to get this part. I have to get this for Rudy.’
Would you like Rudy to follow in your acting footsteps when he’s older?
I want him to become a philosopher, no (laughs), I want him to do whatever he wants to do, whatever makes him happy. Who knows what he’ll do but whatever he chooses I will support.
How does it feel to be on Vogue.co.uk’s 2013 Hot List?
It was on New Year’s Eve, a friend of mine, who is also an actor, said ‘have you seen it?!’ but I am flattered!
What’s in store for 2013 and the future?
I start doing Gatsby again next month and I’ve got a Richard Curtis’ next film coming out in September called About Time. I’m also waiting to hear back from some other projects that are in the pipeline. Hopefully it will be a good year!

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