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There’s something magnetic about MyAnna Buring. Even before she was styled and made-up for the photo shoot, she was exceptionally fascinating, her tiny features and ice-blue eyes complementing her pixie face perfectly. Her massive personality, on the other hand, is no match for her 5 foot two stature. Throughout her shoot in the chic, underground bar/restaurant Bedford & Strand, she shifted into an East London accent at random, climbed on top of chairs in 4-inch Jimmy Choo heels and laughed so loudly that she felt the need to apologize for it. When she got in front of the camera, however, MyAnna released a fierceness that no one expected, and it was easy to see how she snagged the part of Tanya Denali in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 after simply sending in an audition tape from her London living room.


“I always had this sort of vision in my head that when you auditioned for something that big or wanted to be part of that sort of franchise there would be a real hectic auditioning process…and that just wasn’t the case,” said MyAnna. “It was just sort of a really easy job to get.” Just a few months after meeting with director Bill Condon and author Stephenie Meyer in L.A., MyAnna jet-setted to swampy Louisiana and began her transformation as vampire alongside 17 other new cast members, including Maggie Grace and Lee Pace—two of her “coven siblings” that she grew close to. “I think the fact that there were so many of us, that we were newcomers to the franchise made it feel a little bit less daunting because there were more of us that were new than actors who had been established and who had been a part of the saga.” She also palled around with Meyer off set, a figure whose mega-success would probably intimidate most people, but not MyAnna. “I’d go sit with her and have chats. She’s just the loveliest, most humble, very funny lady.”


After six months of shooting in locations ranging from the lush forests of Vancouver to an abandoned equestrian center filled with green screens and fake snow, filming wrapped and the saga—including MyAnna’s personal one—came to an end. She returned to the UK in time for the release of Part 1, which was a completely new and exciting experience for her. “When it came out, I got this insight into what that whole surface is about, because it is an extraordinarily massive deal for a lot of people,” said MyAnna, a note of genuine awe in her voice. “It’s quite humbling to be somewhere and be surrounded by thousands of people who are so in love with the story that you’ve been a part of.”


That story was also hugely catalytic for MyAnna’s career, which mostly consisted of small parts of television shows and indie flicks, along with a leading role in 2005’s The Descent. “Breaking Dawn really felt like a turning point for me because I came back and started doing work over here that was the kind of work that I’ve always wanted to do.” This work includes playing a “noir-ish vamp” in Tom Green’s BBC mini-series Blackout, a madam in the late 1800’s cop series Ripper Street alongside Matthew MacFadyen, Lucky Dyson in the final Miss Marple episode, a 90’s-era student with Matthew Goode as a love interest in the mini-series The Poison Tree and a maid called Edna on the upcoming Downton Abbey Christmas Special—something she is especially excited about. “Downton Abbey is a series I absolutely love and adore,” beams MyAnna. “I just thought it’d be a really fun job to do and I was right. A lot of sets can feels very closed when you walk onto them as an outsider whereas the Downton Abbey lot very much make everyone on board feel included, which I think is a really special thing.” Despite her enthusiasm about being involved with Britain’s number one TV series, MyAnna keeps mum about the details of her role.

So, what’s next for the busy, burgeoning screen star? Surprisingly nothing at the moment. “Now a lot of my time is being spent with the promotions for the stuff that’s coming up, so I can take a little bit of a breather and remind myself of everything I’ve been up to really.” She breaks eye contact with me for the first time the entire interview and utters in a voice only slightly louder than a whisper, “overall I’m just a lucky, lucky, lucky girl,” and I can’t help but absolutely agree.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out now

Words by Elizabeth Vogt

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