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I meet Nick Hendrix in the dimly lit ’London Shuffle Club’ a warehouse full of palm trees, bean bags and large board games printed on the floor. Sat in the corner of this adults playground is Nick, who is dressed casually and smiles as he introduces himself with a friendly warmth.

Nick a rising star who graduated from ’RADA’, landed his first job whilst training in ’Red Tails’ playing a pilot. More recently he was the male lead in ’The Light Princess’ at the National Theatre, and is now starring as ’Jamie Winter’ in the hit ITV series "Midsomer Murder’s’ which returns this Decemeber with six feature length episodes.

You recently landed the part of ’Jamie Winter’ in a ’Midsomer Murder’s’ can you tell us more about this experience?

I’ve finished filming the 19th series of ’Midsomer Murder’s’ which is super exciting. I’m playing the new side kick ’Jamie Winter’ who assists ’DCI Barnaby’ in solving mysteries. I received the part back in April, and began filming then. Each episode is filmed like a short feature, typically an hour and a half in length. It has been an amazing experience, and something I have been very fortunate to be a part of. It will be coming out in February, and I look forward to seeing it.

Did you grow up with an interest in the show?

Not massively so, but growing up I knew about the show and had enough knowledge of the series to feel very excited when I found out I had received the role. It has definitely been a highlight of my career so far, and I felt very at ’home’ within this project as a performer. 

Where did filming the show take place?

The show was filmed in Oxfordshire, and it was lovely  filming in different scenic areas, as it meant we were at a different location everyday. When weren’t filming it was an amazing area to explore!

Did you always grow up wanting to be an actor?

I think as a child its hard to know what you want to do with your life. I think when I was younger I didn’t necessarily want to be an actor but I always found myself drawn to performance. It was something that growing up I felt I was the most talented at in school, I used to sing a lot as well. I took part in many of my schools musicals. In my spare time I always write music, I enjoy having this as a passion outside of acting.

You studied drama at both ’Exeter Universcity’ and ’Rada’, what was the difference between the two styles of teaching?

The main difference between the two was non vocational and vocational. At Exeter many people graduated in professions such as writing about drama as a theory, or went onto study it academically rather then becoming actors. I realised during my time on the course that it wasn’t as practical or vocational as I would of liked. Alongside some other course members we worked hard outside of the classroom producing our own material. I realised at this point that drama school was the right route for me, and decided to begin auditioning. I think in the six years of learning about drama, I definitely learnt an array of skills. 

You were in ’Legend’ alongside Tom Hardy, what was it like working together?

Tom Hardy was as impressive and intimidating as I imagined. I think he is an incredible performer. I came away from the experience feeling happy with the filming process and what I had learnt from shooting. 

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the industry?

Work hard, be confident and open when you work with other industry professionals.Push yourself and be open to what life gives you! I met Clive Owen at a party once and he gave me great advice, he said its about the space in front of you and how you use it.To me it means that you don’t know what life is going to throw at you, all you have is whats in front of you now so make it count! 


Nick can next be seen as the sidekick DS Jamie Winter in ’Midsomer Murders’ airing this Sunday 18th December 8pm on ITV.

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Yakub Merchant

Grooming Chantelle Phillips

Video by Killer Showreels

Production Assistant Tamara Borodaneva

Shot at Shuffle Club, London



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