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I meet Rory Fleck-Byrne on a quiet afternoon in London. Rory is charismatic, charming and genuine. Having recently just left RADA one of the top drama school’s in the world, he has already appeared in Grantchester, Vampire Academy and a dark feature film called The Quiet Ones, from the producers of The Woman in Black. With a strong background in theatre training, Rory has starred in the West End production of Shakespeare’s King Charles, The Vortex at The Gate Dublin and Disco Pigs at the Young Vic.

Described as ’irresistibly watchable’ delivering nothing but ’kick-ass performance’s’, this year will prove to be even even bigger for the young actor who is starring in The Foreigner a British-Chinese thriller alongside Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan.  If this isn’t enough appear in the ’Night of the Lotus’ with Russell Tovey and Saffron Burrows. In addition to this years projects he is also appearing in a brand new television drama  ’Harlots’. The program follows the story of a brothel owner, Margaret Wells who struggles to raise her daughters in 18th century London. Rory plays the part of Daniel, the love interest of Jessica Findlay Brown’s character. 

Growing up did you always want to go into the acting industry?

I don’t ever remember making a conscious decision, it was always something I was passionate about. Finishing school I went straight into auditioning, I applied for drama schools in Ireland originally, but felt the performing art’s scene in the UK was a more suitable fit. I was very fortunate to have been offered a place my first year of auditioning. 

What was it like working on your upcoming feature film The Foreigner ?

I spent a month working with Jackie Chan’s stunt team, which was an incredible and memorable experience. It was a very surreal experience working with such well known actors. Especially Pierce Brosnan, who is an absolute gentlemen and an outstanding actor. The mad thing about this career is that you will never know where it can lead you! 

Tell us more about your brand new TV drama Harlots?

The show is set in 18th century London, the premise of the drama is about two brothels rivalling each other ruthlessly, doing everything they can to protect their businesses even if it costs them their family. Despite being set in the 18th century the show marches to the beat of a modern drum, as the issues are very current. My character is a man of many professions, who is trying to progress up the social ladder, who falls in love with Jessica Brown Findlay’s character Charlotte Wells. However, as the journey continues you learn that love doesn’t exist in prostitution, and the journey of their relationship is full of ambiguity and destructiveness. 

You are also starring in Night of the Lotus alongside Saffron Burrows, tell us more about the concept of this film?

The film is centred around a tragic love story that plays out across London and East Africa. The main character Natalie is a young woman suffering from post traumatic stress, consumed by the the guilt of her husbands death. Natalie’s character then lives out the honeymoon she never had with a stranger she meets on the train. It is a world wind romance, set over the span of a day. 

What do you think of todays acting generation, and what advice would you give someone looking to pursue a career in the industry?

One of the most important things I have ever learned, is to continually practice your craft even when you are not acting. Keep being creative, produce your own theatre,  and embrace your passion fully. This industry is exceptionally tough, and so you must own your individuality and allow that to be seen. I think in today’s generation, we are blessed with the various different social media platforms we have. It is easy  nowadays for young artists to create and promote themselves, with the use of the internet to advertise their work. 

What has been your biggest achievement in your career so far?

Stepping onto the set of The Foreigner and working with Pierce Brosnan on such an amazing film, is something I’ve dreamt of my whole life. We began shooting on the day of my birthday, so it definitely was a turning point and a monumental moment in my career. I still have a lot I want to achieve- and want to continue taking my career from strength to strength. 

Tell us something unusual about yourself?

When I get a role to work on, I usually pick an animal that reminds me of the character and  use this method to help me adapt to the role. I also went shark diving recently, absolutely phenomenal.

Rory can be seen in Harlots on ITV Encore and Hulu.

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Stephanie YT

Styling and intervew Jheanelle Feanny 

Grooming Yuko Aoi

Photography Assistant Erica Fletcher


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