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French-born and Israeli-raised actress Yael Grobglas has come a long way in her acting career already. Starting with a model career, she soon discovered that her passion lies in acting for TV and films, which is why she quickly decided to change her career path. 
Her first role already being a major one, she is currenty starring in The CW Network series Jane The Virgin in the United States and was previously on Reign.  You may catch both on Netflix. We chat with her about her favourite roles, Jane The Virgin and more.

If you are not filming what do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Cooking and eating. Anything that has to do with food!
Tell us about your first acting role! Did you already know that you wanted to be an actress when it came about?
No I didn’t actually. It’s funny – looking back I didn’t realise that I would end up being an actress. I never thought about it. I was a dancer, I danced for a while and then I tried painting but I’m not really a great painter. After a while I came across modelling and I did that for a short time. Through that I kind of got my first acting role. After I walked the runway I was told by my dad that I should try out acting because I might like it, so after convincing me, I decided to take an acting class. I loved it, so I talked to my modeling agency and told them if they ever have acting auditions they should tell me. I then went to an acting agency and got my first role in Israel, for a Sci-Fi, time-travelling-kind of series which went on for 150 episodes! That was really the first experience, it was perfect and incredible. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

You’re playing the role of Petra in the comedy series Jane the Virgin. Can you identify yourself with the role at all?
Well, I think every role I play there’s a little part of my life. I woudln’t always do the same decisions, obviously Petra’s decisions are some I would never consider. But there’s a part of me in every role. I try not to think as if I was really living with a crazy mother or being terrified of going back to where I came from. Instead I think, "how would I act?"
…what has been your personal highlight throughout the whole show so far?
A couple of big ones. I love it when Petra gives birth, because it was just so brilliant for the writer to create a whole birthing experience that was so different from Jane’s. Another highlight to play was when Petra had postpartum depression, it was so interesting because I don’t have kids myself yet. I also liked when Anezka showed up. Those three were my personal highlights.
You are also starred in the show Reign – can you give us a little insight about your role on there? 
Reign was a fantastic experience! It was my first ever experience on an American TV show. That was a huge learning experience for me, the terms are different - I have worked in Israel for 8 years. But the cast there was so wonderful and it was a fantastic time.

What has been the best character you have played so far?
It’s hard to say because they all come at different parts of my life. Every time I play a new character then that’s my favourite one. I can’t choose one!
Is there any specific type of character you haven’t played yet but would love to throughout your acting career?
So many! I’d like to play a superhero. I’m looking forward to aging so I’ll be able to play more Mum-characters. I think that’s what’s wonderful about acting.
So you recently participated in the #Ham4All campaign – solid rap performance! Do you enjoy getting musical every now and then? 
I’m constantly singing in the house. I know the whole soundtrack by heart and the cause to raise money for immigrants was important to me – considering I’m an immigrant as well.
Last but not least, are there any other projects you are working on at the moment?
I’m not allowed to talk about it yet, but definitely!

Israeli actress Yael Grobglas currently stars in the Golden Globe nominated CW comedy Jane The Virgin portraying villainous Petra and her twin sister, Anezka.

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