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Ever feel tired, drained, and basically run down? Well, we have the perfect solution to your January and party season blues.

1883 Magazine got ‘Dripped’ at London’s newest and most innovative clinic in Shoreditch. Vitamin IV drips are renowned across the pond with our American chums and have now hit the UK, helping all you Ladies and Gents feel revitalised at a fraction of the cost. Don’t be deceived by the affordability though, as when you arrive through the doors of ‘Get A Drip’ HQ, you are greeted by the medical professions finest.

The clinic is by no means clinical, all of the medical bits that give you that dizzy feeling when giving blood are hidden away, whilst you get to relax on heated massage chairs reading the new issue of 1883 Magazine.

The cocktail menu of IV drips cater to all needs, from the athletic gym buffs post work out, to partygoers and the health-conscious.

We were brave enough to try the ‘Full Works’ and the ‘Detox’ packages; testing on behalf of two types of specimen: the ‘unhealthy party girl’ (who admittedly has a vegetable phobia), and ‘unhealthy party boy’ (no vegetable phobia but drinks too much).

My male companion experienced the ‘Namaste’ of the menu aka. ‘Detox’. His experience began in the domain of the heated massage chair (following a low blood pressure reading and a lack of breakfast) and he definitely wasn’t having ‘feels’ for a cheeky needle.

Louise (our ever so glamorous Nurse Practitioner), reassured my pale, ginger companion and was happy to explain what was to happen to his fragile body and whether he would look like Benjamin Button (aged 3) by the end of the session.

My Male companion had a cocktail of vitamins designed to reinvigorate, and send him en route to ‘wellness’. The friendly approach dissipated any nerves he had concerning the needle, and he was able to relax in his chair (did we say heated?) whilst imbibing some much-needed minerals… The process took around an hour, during which he relaxed and thumbed through a magazine (1883 would be a perfect accompaniment). Upon completion he was administered a plaster and something resembling KY Jelly (soothing gel for any IV-related bruising - FYI not needed as no bruising!)

The ‘Detox’ drip contains Glutathione, which is often referred to as the ‘Mother of all antioxidants’; this is something that is impossible to supplement into your diet. This mega beast of an antioxidant is the one that reverses damage to the body due to the ageing process and pollution. It is also responsible for tissue repair, strengthening the immune system, and basically getting those nails, hair and your skin ‘on fleek’.

The benefits also include Vitamin B’s (B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12), Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Glucose and saline to help restore your hydration levels and cleanse those vital organs.

I tested out the mammoth ‘Full Works’ drip, which is probably the most popular therapy on the menu. Prior to administration your Medical Practitioner will ask you about your lifestyle to determine how you will be feel during and after your detox. I was given some lovely IV painkillers (for unfit bunnies like me who will really feel the effects of the detox) to help aid me during and after my treatment.

Following treatment (for limp biscuits like us) we had to wait 2-3 weeks to feel a difference and we did. Energy levels = 100. Skin – Dark scars faded. Sleep – way better.   I noticed that my skin became clearer and I did have bags more energy than I ever did. My male companion also felt that his energy levels were of a much higher capacity. The only downside is I do want to go back (is that a downside?)!

We as a team give 10/10 for everything from service, to treatment to goddam errrthang….

For more info and to make a booking visit www.getadrip.co.uk


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