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Name: Solange Smith

Agency: Storm

Height: 5”9

Age: 17


Ethnic Origin:

My mother’s Malaysian and my father is half French, half Dutch.

Where did you grow up?:

All over the place - six years in New Orleans, six years in England and five years in Spain and now I’m back here again.


I was born in Amsterdam but only lived their for 6 years so I don’t really consider
it my hometown.





How did you get started?

I needed money, I needed to live! I did some modelling jobs and they told me to try out with some agencies so  signed with Storm.

First Job?


How long have you been modelling?

Just over a year full time.

If you weren’t modelling what would you be doing right now?

If I had endless money - long boarding across the world, travelling, discovering places.


What Designers?

I take it as it comes but I’m a big fan of new designers with original ideas, the way they approach fashion is completely different.

Runway or editorial?

I like both but prefer Editorial, when its a nice team and the shoot also has your style to it then you enjoy it so much more.

What has been your favourite moment so far in your career so far?

Meeting amazing people and meeting my boyfriend on a campaign shoot!


For more info on Solange head to www.stormmodels.com

Interview by Sophie Parker
Photography Daniel Sims

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