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Originally from Nottingham, Mowbeck are an authentic, up and coming rock band now based in London. With the release of their new single ‘The Basement’ today, we can hear that this band are not afraid to be true to their sound, constantly developing and taking new directions as they progress.

I caught up with them to discuss the new single, their writing techniques and influence. It seems that many new releases may be in the pipeline, Mowbeck are definitely one to follow as they continue to perform, write and impress.

You’ve got a new single coming out soon ‘The Basement’, what can you tell me about this?

So ‘The Basement’ came along after we released the EP last year, after the release we had a lot of people giving direction on where we should take our sound and at one point last year we lost sight of what we were really trying to create in the first place. So, we sat in a rehearsal room and smashed out a new song, which ended up being The Basement, I think it was basically exactly how we wanted to progress sonically so it acted as a bit of a milestone for us a band.

How did you create this piece?

It’s weird because the songs that I usually connect to and enjoy the most are the ones that I come up with in 5-10 minutes, it’s usually the songs that we create quicker that we end up going forward with. I had an idea in my head for a song and started with a melody, I showed this to Phil (the guitarist), he loved it so we started practicing it and playing it live. We started to get a great response when we played it and there was a lot of energy in the crowd, so we decided on it being our next release.

Did this correlate with how you usually create your music?

I still write in the same way in that I’ll start with an early idea and the band then build on it together, because this was a much faster process we managed to catch the energy straight away. With our last EP we spent months trying to perfect it but on this occasion we managed to be happy with it quite early on.

Your most recent music videos have tackled some dark themes, what can you tell me about this?

We started working with a guy called George McGuire last year for a video to a song ‘Vaseline’ which was on our last EP. It had quite a dark concept of obsession and abuse from a male’s point of view; it was interesting because this isn’t something that’s addressed enough. The song itself is quite happy and chilled out but there’s a much deeper meaning to it beyond that. George really managed to capture that in the video by bringing a really dark edge to it, creating a bit of juxtaposition. We’ve had a lot of mixed feedback about it but I guess sometimes you have to offend a certain amount of people to impress others *laughs*.

Who are your biggest stylistic influences?

Sonically I’d say that we take a lot of influence from a lot of the big stadium rock bands like the Killers and Kings of Leon, I just think their levels of song writing is so high. They’re a good influence for song writing because it gives you some insight on how you want it to sound and how you want the crowd to respond. There’s a lot of stuff that we listen to like James Blake, Radiohead and Arcade Fire, bands that push the boundaries a lot more. We also listen to a lot of older stuff from the 50s and 60s as well; it’s cool to hear how older bands influenced modern bands.

You tour starts tomorrow! Are you excited?

Our first show from our tour dates is tomorrow (March 25th) for Xpresstival, which is a festival in Cardiff. We’re hitting London next Friday at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. That’s it for our stand-alone gig dates until next month when we go on tour with a band called King No-One who we’re good friends with, the tour hits Nottingham, Sheffield, Liverpool and York. After those shows, we’re hoping to make a good impression on their crowds before we play some headline shows in May which are yet to be announced.

Which show are you most excited about playing?

We always love playing in London because we have a growing fan base there and we’ve just moved here so we’re really finding our feet. A lot of people are coming down to see us so I think it’ll be a really fun show. I’ve heard a lot of good things about King No-One and their fan base so that should be really fun. It’s usually the gigs you’d least expect that end up being the most fun and rowdy, we played a gig in Sheffield a while ago that we didn’t think we’d pull many people to but it ended up selling out in a week! The crowd that showed up were absolute crazy too, it was great! *laughs*

What has been your biggest show so far?

We played Reading & Leeds last year, which was insane because it’s a festival that we’ve been going to since we were kids. To be able to play that and see us on the poster was absolutely awesome. We also played a headline show in Nottingham in November where we were about 6 tickets from selling out which was great for us. That was great because a lot people were singing along to the songs on the EP, that’s a great feeling because it’s nice knowing that your music has been listened to by people in there everyday lives and they now know all the words like we do! *laughs*

Can you tell us anything about any upcoming material you’re working on?

We’re trying to put out more songs that capture the moment in which we created them; we’re at the point now where we’re making the music that we really want to make. I think that instead of releasing a bunch of tracks in one go we are going to release singles more frequently; they’ll sum up where we are as a band and where our writing process is going. If we keep bringing things out it keeps things fresh, kind of like an audio blog. Music these days is so disposable so we want each song to really have its moment, so it’s better to showcase each track piece by piece and respond to feedback from that.

Alongside your music, what do you guys get up to in your spare time?

Well unfortunately we have to work, but every penny that we earn goes towards making our music! We love going to see things and go travelling, that’s another reason why touring is so great because we get to see so many new places. We such close friends outside of the band that we do most stuff together anyway.

What else can we expect from you in the future?

There are so many bands out there trying to make it at the moment so I think we just want to stay as authentic as possible. We’re not bothered about gimmicks or trying to please other people anymore, we just wanna put our material out there so that people can get to know who we are as people. I think that a personal connection is more opinion than any gimmicks or an image; we just wanna be a relatable band and be true to what we stand for and let the music speak for itself more.

Mowbeck’s new single The Basement is out now via iTunes

Their next official headline gig is 
Thursday 25th May at The Victoria Dalston
for tickets click here.

For all their latest news follow them on www.facebook.com/mowbeck and on twitter via  @mowbeck

Words by Will Hawkins

Photography Anna Urik 

Grooming Fabio Petri

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