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1883 met Sheppard near Hyde Park’s Serpentine Gallery on a sunny day; three incredibly stylish siblings who greet me with warm Australian accents, smiles, good looks and striking blue hair. Originally formed in 2009 by brother and sister George and Amy Sheppard – later joined by sister Emma on bass and backing vocals – the band has since gone strength to strength.

In 2013 they were nominated for ’Best Independent Release’ at the ’ARIA Music Awards’ and this summer they are releasing their catchy dance tune, ‘ Edge of the night’. How would they describe it? ‘it’s a tongue in cheek funk pop throwback to house parties and old school vibes’.

With a busy year so far that has included touring with Little Mix and Justin Bieber, plus playing the Barclaycard Stage at London’s British Summer Time Festival, we were lucky enough to grab some time with the trio to find what it means to be a Sheppard.

Why did you choose to use your surname as the name of your group?

When Amy and me began making music we wanted to show we were siblings. We raised a fan base and became recognised for our surname. Eventually Emma came in as bassist so it made sense to use our surname. Our band is also a family run business, our parents are heavily involved and are incredibly supportive, our mum always takes the time to travel with us on the road!

What is the difference between the music in the UK and Australia?

In England you have more pop culture, whereas in Australia the music is mainly Indie/Alternative. Starting out in the music industry in Australia is quite difficult, as there is a very particular style of music. In England everyone loves our music, as over here there is a more commercial taste. At the moment however Australian bands our making more appearances overseas, as Australia are no longer relying on one specific type of music to generate success. 

What has been like touring with Justin Bieber?

It was incredible, we were very honoured when we were asked to perform alongside him. We played some of the biggest venues in Australia, which are equivalent to London’s Wembley. When preparing for the tour we created new music with touring in mind, as we felt that some of our previous work had difficulty being translated on stage.

If you could work with any musician who would it be and why?

Definitely ’Coldplay’, we are very influenced by Chris Martin’s music his lyrics are very genuine and full of killer melodies!

Tell us more about your new single ’Edge of Night’?

We were writing in the studio, and wanted to shake things up in terms of our writing style. This song grew from fun, we were messing about putting on different accents and eventually came up with the chorus. Its a really energetic and fun song, that were really happy with and glad its got such positive feedback.

What’s it been like signing with Decca Records?

In Australia we work independently, so we take our own lead. When we signed to Decca Records, they were very understanding of our independence and how we work in Australia. They are a fantastic label to be signed to and we work very well as a team.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in the music industry?

Hone in on your song wiring skills, learn how to write a great chorus or melody. Being able to write a song in such a tough industry is a tremendous skill! Stay humble and work hard!

Where do you see your career in ten years time?

We would love to play more headline shows, tour the world with our music and continue developing our sound. 


Check out the video for ’Edge Of The Night’ below and for the bands latest news head to www.wearesheppard.com

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Alexandru Luchita

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