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Introducing Alex Adair, a DJ and producer from Sussex in the UK. He first gained a solid reputation with his breakthrough song ‘Make Me Feel Better’ which samples the legendary song ‘Ain’t Nothing But The Real Thing’ by Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrel. His highly anticipated official remixes of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and Jessie Ware’s ‘Say You Love Me’ followed which marked a stepping stone in his career.

To this date he has performed in front of thousands of people, alongside world-famous DJs including Martin Garrix and has performed in Ibiza several times, the world’s most infamous meeting spot for DJ’s.

We caught up with the humble artist and spoke to him about learning sound techniques at University, Ibiza and his new single ‘I Will’ featuring Eves Karydas.


Let’s go down memory lane and talk about your breakthrough ‘Make Me Feel Better’. How did that song change your life change ?

It was something I made when I was still at University. I’ve only really known music from a study-point-of-view, and not in a professional world. Being in the charts is a big job so it definitely paved the way.

What did you study at Uni?

I did Creative Music Technology, the course covered quite a few different aspects - Music Production, Sound Engineering for example. It helped me a lot. 

That must have prepared you well for your career!

Yeah definitely, once you work with a lot of other people as well you then realise how helpful it is in terms of understanding and make sounds. It’s amazing how useful it is to be able to know the different aspects of a sound. 

You’re also quite known for your remix of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, what made you choose this song to remix?

I’ve been asked to do a Jessie Ware remix before that, and that did really well. On the back of that the A&R or Management asked me to remix the song. It was another big moment for me at that time. It was good to get that opportunity. It was difficult first though because everyone loves the original Ed Sheeran song and people criticized doing a remix and to stop speeding it up. But it did well. 

So obviously you studied Music Technology at University but when did you first get into DJ-ing and producing? When did you develop the passion?

I’ve always had a musical background, I played the piano. I’ve done it since I can remember. I took music serious in university, I really enjoyed the production-side of things and learning about the foundation. I thought I had the talent and worked on it. DJ-ing and production goes hand in hand and its something I love to do. It’s a great experience to play the music you make. 

I can imagine. And then you found more success, did your family and friends support you or were they sceptical at first?

Definitely supportive, I mean naturally parents are sceptical when their child studies music at university because it costs money and they don’t know if it’s the right choice. But they were supportive and believed in me. My Dad is extremely musical as well - I can always come to him with questions.

Which software do you use to mixe?

I use Logic for all my music. I used to do Ableton for a while but it’s just Logic now. It’s down for what you actually make out of it - a lot of people might not like Logic. But it’s very easy to understand, but everyone has got a different preference.

So what would you say is your signature sound?

I wouldn’t say I have a signature sound. A lot of people associate me with a summery sound, tropical house-like. It developed over the years. Due to studying it at university you don’t just wanna be good at only one thing so I’ve always had a varied point of few at sonics. It’s always open but there is always a summery, tropical vibe to it.

Tell us about your new single ‘I Will’ with Eves Karydas! How did that collaboration come about?

It’s a very different single for me. It’s actually something I made 4 years ago. It was in the first session I ever did. I was writing with songwriters, and that was one of the firsts I’ve done. It basically just came out of the wood works, relatively recently. I just changed different sound parts. It got more like a melancholic, emotional overturn to it. It’s about the vibe - not really thinking about anything. You only get better as a producer when you try out different things. The sonics in that song are different to what you usually hear from me. I’m very happy with the reception. 

How did you meet the Eves Karydas?

I got told about Eves. She’s from the same record label and I checked out her stuff, and it was absolutely perfect for the song. We went back and forth with vocals, she is great. Very talented. It worked wonderfully. 

How do you usually approach a new track, what’s your creative process?

It’s always different. Sometimes I write on the piano and then try to turn them over. I always want to be able to play it on there first. It puts a cool structure to it. It’s almost different every time. 

You’ve also performed at some massive gigs, what has been your favourite so far? 

That’s a tough one. There are lots of different ones. For me the ones that stand out are the stadium ones. The biggest one I’ve probably done was supporting Martin Garrix last year. Thousands of people were there, it was crazy. Big shows are always very special. 

That sounds exciting. You also performed in Ibiza - Is the club scene in Ibiza as crazy as everybody claims?

It is. There are so many different things as well, I played at Ibiza Rocks. I’ve done an evening/night time set and also a morning one which was very different. I’ve also done a Ushuaia day time set which was different again. It’s so much there, it’s fun. There are lots of big DJ’s so it’s always good to meet up. 

What’s your biggest goals as a DJ and a producer? 

For me goal-wise it’s always more rewarding on the production-side of things. It’s something I’m making, something which is original. And who doesn’t want to have a number one? And I can’t imagine what it’s like to headline in stadiums, and in front of 100,000’s people.

What else are you working on this year?

 I’ve been focusing on the production side of things a lot more. I still got a couple DJ gigs but I’m mainly in the studio writing and have a run of tracks coming out. Usually I got only 2 tracks coming out per year and a few remixes, but this year I want to release more singles. Really hoping it does well!

Alex Adair’s new single ’I Will’ ft. Eves Karydas is out now. for more info head to www.facebook.com/AlexAdairOfficial

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