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Meet the bewitching and beautiful Canadian born singer Alice Merton, who after releasing her debut single ’No Roots’ this year has already built up some impressive stats. Merton who classically trained in Germany,  wanted to continue her passion of songwriting and producing her own music and we’re pleased she did as she’s not doing too badly. 

To date, the single has amassed over 50 million streams, 20+ Million views on Youtube, 500k sales worldwide, 1.4 million Shazams and has been No.1 on Spotify Global Viral Charts and on Hype Machine.

So she established her own music label ’Paper Planes’ along with her manager Paul. From a young age Merton understood the nature of the business, and took a DIY approach to her career, with the understanding that it takes time to develop as a successful artist. ’No Roots’ was released on her own label, and was co written and produced with her long term Berlin based producer Nicolas Rebscher. The catchy and charismatic song reached No.2 on the official German Charts reaching gold status, and single continues to grow across the world with Alice Signing new deals in Germany and the US. We meet Alice by London’s Tower Bridge to chat about her label, ’Paper Plane Records’, working between Germany and the UK and her thriving track ‘No Roots’.

How did you begin your career as an artist?

I started taking piano lessons when I was 5 years old, singing lessons when I was 9 and when I was 17 I took a course at my school called “songwriting” where I discovered I could write songs.

You run your own music label ’Paper Plane Records’, alongside your manager.How long have you been running ’Paper Planes’, and how do you manage this alongside your musical career?

We’ve been running “Paper Planes” since September. It was definitely a challenge and neither of us was getting much sleep. After No Roots started getting more attention, my manager and I decided to split the work and he focussed more on the label, while I was focussed on the music and production. 

You are preparing to launch your new EP ’No Roots’, as well as your single ’Hit The Ground Running’, tell us more about the inspiration behind your new work?

The thought of not really having a certain place I call home was definitely a mental process I was going through for the past few years, and I knew at some point I needed to write down what I felt. Thats how No Roots came about. Hit the Ground Running talks about not waiting for opportunities or chances to happen, but creating your own chances. The idea stemmed from being rejected by all the labels in Germany. It was hard getting signed, especially since they all wanted to change the music.

You live between Germany and England, how does the music industry differ between the two countries?

I haven’t really collected enough experience in the music industry in England to be able to compare the two. I can only judge it from a musical perspective because I spent some time in England writing and producing. But I didn’t really find it to be that different from the German industry.

If you were not involved the music industry, what other career would you of chosen to pursue?

I probably would’ve become a chef at a restaurant. 

How do you prepare for a show?

I hang with my band, drink water but not too much, otherwise im always scared ill have to go pee during my performance. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career in the music industry?

Don’t listen to what other people think your music should sound like. Only you know what it should sound like…or a team of people you trust. 

When your not creating music what does a typical day in your world look like?

I like to bake a lot and I love watching movies. If I’m not on stage I’m probably at home either renting a DVD, baking brownies or staring at the ceiling and reflecting on life. When I’m in England though I go to the beach and stare out at the water or go hiking along the coast. 

Which artists are you currently listening to?

Lorde, The Killers

Who is your hero? 

My dad

Alice’s track ’No Roots’ is out now via iTunes, for her latest info head to www.alicemerton.com and follow her on twitter via @AliceMerton

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Nicholas Lapite

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