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Within moments of meeting the New York born Ariana of Ariana and the Rose, (who on this occasion was drenched in glitter), it’s impossible not to become captivated by her artistic flair and her heartfelt pursuit to build an international creative community.

The avant-pop singer fuses the old with the new with hooky tunes and a project of her own called the Light and Space mission; an immersive party which takes place in New York and London uniting creative strangers in an environment where they can leave their inhibitions at the door. 

Ariana started out as a songwriter in New York before she grew into Ariana and the Rose, a name which she says originates from her own but is inclusive of her community, her audience and her creative inspiration. Her synth anthems and electronic hues are akin to those of the bands she admires most; the tangible instrumentals of M83, Goldfrapp, The Killers, and The Foals.

Ariana and the Rose’s new track ’Super Cool’ is about to be filmed when we catch up. The video is inspired by the fun loving Moxi Girls of Long Beach California who Ariana describes as a community of completely bad ass woman who are powerful in a totally original way and not a standardized way. The video is sure to channel the groovy style of 80s chic with tricks and flips, and it’s evident she is keen to celebrate women in their element doing their own thing.

Interestingly, the extroverted Ariana’s creative process relies on thinking space. She tends to write alone initially before she’s ready to work with producers but emphasises the importance of working with people she can really come home to. When it comes to everyday inspiration she looks towards her mother and her friends, finding strength in their personal lives when she writes. 

Effortlessly chic, Ariana takes homage from style icons Kate Bush and Cher; the epitome of 70s and 80s sass. Somewhere around here, distracted by glitter and Cher, Ariana (and I) discuss ’Moonstruck’, a cult classic.

There’s no teasing a favourite city out of Ariana who loves both New York and London alike; melding the two together she finds home in both but admits that she spends so much time on Virgin Atlantic flights she may as well be a walking, talking advert.

After an avant-garde introduction to down town theatre at NYU, Ariana segwayed into music and the Light and Space mission is a product of both passions; the parties are best known for their melding of creative ideologies from 80s club culture, immersive theatre, live music and magical realism. Actors and singers meet and perform amidst secret rooms, projections, and lights in a futuristic world. Don’t miss the next one- the disco ethos will take you back to 80s New York with a nostalgic taste and wanting more.


Ariana and the Rose’s remix of ’Supercool’ by Toyboy & Robin is out now and you can check it out below. For all her latest info head to www.arianaandtherose.com

Words by Millie Newnum

Photography Carlo Zambon

Fashion Jon Revell

Make up Kym Menzies Foster using Kitiko

Hair Sharon Miller

Illustrations by Sue Dray

Shot at The Arts Room London

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