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Aurora gives audiences an insight into her perception of the world through the lyrics in her songs and the stories told in their accompanying videos. Those whom she has worked with comment on her creativity and originality; she has a clear vision for who she is and what her music represents.

With such a strong presence, Aurora is able to captivate audiences include them in her vision with Katy Perry counting herself as a fan. We caught up with Aurora to discuss her meteoric rise, Norwegian influences and that natural connection to her music and fans.

Congratulations on the release of your new single Queendom. It is already causing quite a stir; can you describe the track for anyone that hasn’t listened to it yet? What is it about

It’s a song very much inspired by humans. It makes me sad sometimes to see how the society isn’t really built around any people, or introverts. In our history it hasn’t been built for women, and even today there are places where same sex love isn’t accepted. I thought to myself I needed to make a little safe place for all of us. That is Queendom. The sound of Queendom is inspired by native music, native and folk-hymns are the kind of music that inspire me the most. 

Despite releasing your first album a short while ago, what would you attribute your meteoric rise?

I don’t really know. But I have a lot on my mind, and on my heart. I think now the world is ready for that. Ready to be challenged, to learn. Dive into themselves. I see so much meaningful music rise, and it makes so happy on behalf of the whole world. 

How has your sound evolved since the release of your first album?

It has evolved a lot! It will always continue to. I’m getting to know myself more and more as I see myself experience thirst, hunger, satisfaction, sensuality, innocence and all of those things that fill up your whole body and mind. I’m on a constant hunt for the perfect translation... how to translate what I carry in my body well enough to the world to hear. It’s the most exciting thing. 

How did you come up with the ideas for the music video, it seems very natural and spontaneous, how does this inform your art?

I always co-direct all my music videos. One day I might direct one myself, if I ever find the need to do so. Music videos are a very important part of every song, and the story they carry. I want the world to find their own meanings in my songs, so I wrap everything in. It’s nice to both confuse and explain the stories to people, though a visual world. 

Is there anything about your culture that is intrinsic your music?

I think so! The nature in Norway is spectacular. It rains a lot in my city. The Norwegian people are very lovely. And emotional, but we are not good in putting our emotions into words. That is both a very charming and difficult thing. I’m very fond of and inspired by my home country. 

How do define your idea of diversity under the umbrella of unity through your music?

I don’t really think any idea of diversity can be defined. Cause that is just the thing, it’s something that doesn’t need to be defined. It’s just a matter of our own thoughts and how we should build any walls around what is “normal” or what we should accept as human. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, everything is and should be accepted, because diversity is inevitable. We are very similar to each other, but also so unique. Many people adapt to society the best they can, and therefore it’s harder to see sometimes. How every single creature on this planet is different. Forget about the frames. This world is wild. I don’t think we are meant to put the beauty of it into boxes.

In an increasingly competitive industry, how do you keep your ideas fresh and unique yet not compromise on the message or values of your music?

I don’t really think much about it! I just do what I want to do. My instinct always tells me to keep going. Keep traveling, not settling when you’re comfortable but to keep exploring. An idea can never really stop being fresh as long as it’s authentic.  That is something that will never stop being “fresh”. There are always compromises to be made. I work with a big team, and they all help me on my way to a long career. They know the industry, and I, I know me and my music like no one else could.

What do you think it is that gives you such loyal fans, you’ve had more streams than many well-known names?

My fans are the best people in the world. I think we connect very strongly. On the shows and through letters, and when we meet. Hands touching. Eyes meeting. I love all of them, and I try to give them as much love and understanding as I can. As long as they give the same back to me, that can become an eternal energy exchange, or a dance. Not all people understand me, because I know I can be quite strange. I think when people do, they know it’s because they are meant to be in this big family of warriors and weirdos. People ready to dive into the emotional world. 
So now you’ve released Queendom, what’s next for you?

Working on the next chapter! 
If you could only take one thing on tour with you, what would it be?

The mountain next to my house. 

AURORA’s  track Queendom is out now, for more info head to www.aurora-music.com

Interview Hannah Shin

Photography Anna Urik 

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