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After a whirlwind two years touring the UK, Italy and Japan with Duran Duran, Sonia and Anna Kuprienko are preparing for the future of the Bloom Twins. The 20-year-old identical twins have been hard at work perfecting their unique style of dark pop and are excited to share their story through music.

We discussed their adventures so far and why they can’t wait to be headlining in London next Thursday 7th December at 229 The Venue

When did you move from Ukraine to London?

We met our managers 5 years ago in the Ukraine through a friend. They saw a picture of us on Facebook and said they would love to meet us. We met up and sang 3 songs but it was actually really terrible! They ended up liking it for some reason and they said ‘let’s move to London’. Of course, our parents didn’t believe us because it sounded like a fairy tale, it doesn’t happen all of a sudden that somebody comes to see you and they say that you can move to London whenever you want. It happened to be true, but we needed to work a lot on English as well as singing and writing. We moved like 3 or 4 months after the first meeting. No one from the Ukraine moves to London super easily, the visa time from there is crazy. It’s tough! In the Ukraine people normally stay in the Ukraine so to move from the Ukraine to London… it’s a big step. It’s a big change but we were 15 years old and we were crazy. We were like ‘you know what? Let’s move to London and see how it’s gonna be’. We were supposed to only move there for a few months, just to try it out, but we’ve ended up living here for 5 years now!

What were your first impressions of the UK?

I think London is amazing because it’s so diverse, you’re exposed to so many things. So many museums that are for free, I love that! Because you know not everyone can afford to go and check out what art is. Also musically it’s great, there are so many great musicians on the street or on the underground. It’s something that inspired us a lot. Also there’s a lot of open mic’s – that’s something that’s different to the Ukraine. In the Ukraine we don’t have open mic’s which is hard for upcoming musicians because you don’t get to practice your songs and check them out on the audience. When we first moved to London it was so different to the Ukraine; the people and the language. We couldn’t speak English, the only thing we could say was ‘Hello my name’s Anna and Sonia’ and ‘Where’s the toilet?’. It was tough, but I think it pushed us to work harder, if you really want something then you try hard. I think that’s a good thing and I think it was our privilege not to know the language because it pushed us so much. I really like it, I like struggles.

I read that you guys are classically trained, how did you get start playing?

My sister and I, we could sing before we could speak. Our Mum’s is a vocal teacher, she trained us classically from a very early age and then I started to learn the flute. Our parents just couldn’t stand us shouting 24/7 in the flat, so they wanted us to go to a music school. I learned flute and piano, but my sister Anna was a lot better at playing piano, that was her main thing. We were singing together. I think classical music is really important, I just get inspired by classical music so much. We started from classical music so it’s good to go back to it from time to time.

Did you ever consider pursuing music separately?

Actually, I don’t see many things separately because we used to wake up every day in the same bed, eat the same breakfast, practice together, go to the same places together. It’s like having your best friend so we always do things together. I mean lately it’s been changing because we’re growing up and maturing and seeing some differences in ourselves but otherwise I like to do it together. When you travel to different countries, especially when you don’t know the language it’s great to have somebody next to you. Especially your sister because she’s not going to lie or pretend to be somebody else, it’s nice.

How did you find touring recently with Duran Duran?

They had a tour worldwide and they finished in Japan. We supported them on the last show of their tour and it was awesome. We had 3 tours together in total; we started in England, then we played in Italy and we finished with Japan. I loved all of them because they’re all so different. With English people you need to really try hard for them to like you which is amazing because it pushes you really hard. Italian people are really warm and so open hearted. They start singing even if they don’t know the lyrics. We’re really into Japanese culture and we’ve been there a few times, I’m learning Japanese now because I’m completely in love with it. The fact that we were standing on the same stage in 3 countries with Duran Duran, Seal and Nile Rodgers, it was great. I feel like if I die now I feel like I’ll have done something in my life. I can’t really choose my favourite place because I loved all of them.

Did you learn anything from working with such established artists?

One of the lessons we learnt is that when they’re stood on stage they’re all being themselves. They’re all organic and whatever you’re going through you can use it in your performance in some way. That was my lesson number one. Also when we were on tour we learnt to be ready for surprise. Once in Manchester the sound went off completely for like 5 seconds but we were good. We kept playing and didn’t stop. You’ve got to be prepared for anything to happen. Obviously, people came to see Duran Duran, not the Bloom Twins so you need to be true to yourself and true to your people.

Are you excited to play to your own fanbase at your London headline show?

It’s our second headline show. We’ve done a few in the Ukraine and it was like sold out, packed and they’re all there for you. It’s a big deal. We’re really looking forward to playing London, we haven’t done it in a while. A lot of our friends’ bands have been texting us saying ‘When are you going to play?’ and we can say ‘Right now! We’re playing in December, come and check us out’. So yeah, really looking forward to it.

What influences you to make ‘dark pop’?

Things that happen in our lives influence us. There was a thing going on in the Ukraine a couple of years ago, where people were standing up for their rights on Maidan square. They were unhappy with how our country is corrupted. We are influenced by everything in our lives, something that makes a change. Music is a perfect language for it, life influences us to write music.

What can you tell me about your new single?

It’s still dark pop but it’s influenced by our lives. We’re not trying to pursue one sound because we think it sounds cool or something. We write about something that makes a difference to our lives. So for example the new single is called ‘Talk to Me’ and we want to raise awareness to people who think it’s okay to be narcissistic but they’re not talking about stuff that’s really important like mental health. People tend to isolate themselves and not talk about what they’re going through because it’s way too difficult to say what’s on your mind. That’s why we have this song coming out saying ‘Talk to Me’ because that’s what’s important. You’ve got to talk to each other. People think that what’s important is how they look but they don’t talk about important issues. This song is based on our friend who died a couple of years ago because she was isolating herself from people. She just closed down and died because of anorexia. I don’t want this experience to happen again. I want people to understand that it’s okay not to be okay and you can talk about it. There’s a stigma around mental health and we have to do something about that. This single’s coming out with a video as well which was shot in Japan. People are over working there, and they have a tendency to close themselves down as well. They don’t really talk enough about feelings, they won’t let people in easily. I think it needs to change in many countries and many places.


Catch Bloom Twins next Thursday 7th Dec as they headline 229 The Venue with support from Eckoes and Lostchild. For more info visit here 

For more info on Bloom Twins visit www.bloomtwins.com 

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