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Reflecting on the possible outcome of a party night, Cameron Bloomfield gives us insight in his perspective via his new EP ‘The Night Before’. The up-and-coming soul singer and multi-instrumentalist has been making music since a very young age already and finally shares with us the result of his hard work.

Drawing inspiration from a wide array of artists, the EP showcases influences from jazz, funk and soul. We had a chat with the young musician at The Queen of Hoxton about all things partying, working with London rapper Ghetts and his musical journey so far.

For those who don’t know you can you quickly introduce yourself?

I’m Cameron Bloomfield, a recording artist. Born in Essex. 

When did you first start getting into music? 

Really early. Music has been part of my family for a of couple generations now. I’ve always subconsciously been into music. When I was younger I was in choirs, writing little bits and had ideas. Opportunities to perform by myself started to come, I just chased it. It’s been my whole life basically. 

Your songs draw influences from jazz, r&b, jazz and funk? How did you develop your musical style? Who do you draw inspiration from?

It’s been a mad journey in terms of listening, the journey has been crazy. Until I was 13/14 it was just vigorous training in classical music, a lot of learning techniques and respecting yourself as an artist. But then I started listening to tunes on the radio, friends passed around music as well. Until then I had no idea about music, except classical music. 

Did you play any instruments?

I always played piano. I’ve got a picture, on my first birthday. I’m sitting on my Granddad’s lap on the piano - there’s a joke running in my family saying this is my first piano lesson. I had a couple of teachers in school who were really good and cared about teaching. They knew my weaknesses and told me who to listen to. One teacher gave me a mixed CD, and was like “Cam, listen to this. I know you haven’t heard it, so just listen to this.” And that was my introduction to D’Angelo, Maxwell and all these soulful guys who became my deepest influences. It was never intentional, I just took it all in and figured what felt like me. 

Tell us a little about the EP ‘The Night Before’. Considering it’s about a big night out - are you a bit of a party animal? 

A little bit, yeah. Definitely. I grew up on house parties, I have always preferred them over clubs. For me, theres always reasons why you wanna go out with friends. Some are positive in terms of socialising but there’s also the side of escaping life. I wanted it to be human, expecting and embracing every part of life. So it took a while, I made hundreds of versions and made this tune, and it just clicked. They all have special meanings, some of them are therapy, some of them get people moving at a party.

What has been your craziest party experience so far?

Probably being stranded on the Isle of Wight one time. I performed with a group of good friends of mine, a garage collective, on at the east slot. Fleetwood Mac performing in a different area so we thought nobody would watch us, so we decided to just have a big party on stage. But loads of people turned up with mad energy. I was in the dressing room afterwards and didn’t know everyone had gone home already. But I knew the big old mansion where some from my people were staying at, so I traveled to the other side of the island to find the house. But once i arrived no one was there. So I thought “Great I’m homeless and broke” having spent all my money getting there. I somehow managed to get a ride back to the mainland, and ended up in Somerset which is so far from London. I spent another day figuring out how to get back to London by train. It had been a great weekend. Definitely an experience, not planning it again anytime soon. 

Which track on the EP means the most to you?

‘The Night Before’ is about a night out but on a respective-side. There’s the tune called ‘Talk’ on it which is about the smoking section at a rave at 3am, when you’re chatting to these strangers and get into real deep stuff you wouldn’t usually tell anyone. Theres just so much honesty in drunk conversations. Barriers are down. I just wanted to create a project which shares some of my perspectives.

Your current single is ‘Change’, how did the collaboration with Pablo Nouvelle come about on the production-side of things?

He was in London for a bit, I met him in Brixton so we did a couple sessions. So we chilled a little, it just clicked. He asked if I wanted to come for some recordings to Zurich, instead of hanging around in London. The track is about girl I was seeing. 

Tell us about the girl!

It was coming to the end of a relationship, she just wasn’t herself really. In that situation I would always want someone be yourself. Be a dick, but be yourself. I knew something wasn’t quite right but she was too nice about it. I told her to be honest because I knew it what she was saying wasn’t the truth. I will say this to everyone, just have the decency to be real you know? So that is the message behind it. 

In 2014 you featured on Ghetts’ album ‘Rebel Without A Cause’, how did that collaboration come about?

That was through a friend of mine who’s older brother Bobby produced Ghetts’ album. So my friend and I were in the studio creating some beats and Bobby came in having heard us and was like ‘Oh this is you two?’. Then Ghetts joined us and said he needed a male vocalist and wanted to see what I was about. He knew I could sing. We chatted for ages, and wrote a song together that ended up on the album. His manager at the time is now my manager. Ghetts is just a genius, so inspirational. Being around someone like him has really helped to guide me. When you have questions and you need someone to go to, and even though he was a grime guy. The grime world was the first to accept me, it’s amazing. His brother is one of my best friends, it’s all a little family.

Whats next for you?

Putting together my second part of the EP, pushing ‘The Night Before’; and I also have a show at The Waiting Room in London coming up

Cameron’s ’The Night Before’ EP is out now and you can stream of buy via this link.
For more info visit www.iamcameronbloomfield.com

Interview Antonia Künzel

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