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Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, singer-songwriter Claire Mortifee has just unleashed her debut single “Ouroboros”– a truly infectious and neosoul-inspired track, produced by Chin Injeti (Drake, Dr. Dre). But not only music is her passion: Being a Life Coach and Reiki practitioner at the same time, the artist thoroughly integrates those experiences in her meaningful lyrics. 

We talked to Claire Mortifee about her new song, working with Chin Injeti and why she loves Erykah Badu.

Hi Claire, can you give our readers who don’t know you a quick introduction about yourself, please?

Of course, my name is Claire Mortifee. I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and I have been singing since before I can remember, there are photos of me when I was in diapers with microphones. I am also trained as a Reiki practitioner and life coach. Wellness is definitely one of my main interests.

When did you decide that music was the right career choice for you?

I always knew that I was meant to do music, I always loved it. I have been singing professionally since I was like 15 or 16 years old, just like singing in cafés and stuff like that. So it’s always been a career path that has been building for me. I got more serious about it when I was around 18 years old. As a plan B I’d say that life coaching is something that I already love to do, and I can do it with or without singing. I can do it instead of singing – but Life coaching with music ties together for me.

Coming from Vancouver, how is the music industry different from Toronto?

I’d say there is a larger population in Toronto – it’s just different. Vancouver is beautiful with the city and the sea, it’s very natural. It’s really breath-taking! But a lot of people do professional outdoor sports. Seems like in Toronto there is just more generosity of music, and more support.

Which artist do you look up to?

Still Erykah Badu. She’s so great. Her music is amazing to me, ever since I heard the first album. Her voice, the way she performs her songs, her lyrics, her confidence. She’s great!

Tell us about your new song Ouroboros – can you give us more insight about the meaning behind it?

That song is of course inspired by the symbol of the ancient self-eating snake which appears in indigenous cultures. I am super interested in going into myself, to find my spirit and to cypher what is going on. For me the Ouroboros helps to set my mind free and every time I feel discomfort or pain, that’s also my spirit search. It’s a cycle that keeps coming back - it’s holy, and just because there is pain in it doesn’t mean it’s bad. The spirit is intentional and is giving us different parts of ourselves.

How did the collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Chin Injeti come about?

I participated in a freestyle contest called Rain City Rap years ago, and I ended up winning. So the prize was to get studio time with him, so yeah we have been working together. So after a few years of collaborating we made Ouroboros!

We heard an album titled Medicines is on its way soon! What can we expect from it? Will the other tracks have a similar sound to Ouroboros?

Yeah, the other tracks are definitely similar but also different. There is another song on the album with Chin Injeti, and then we have a series of other producers. So it has different sounds!

What has been the weirdest or funniest moment in your career as a singer so far?

There have been different shows where the sound was wrong or something else was not working, for example my microphone crapped out and I had to sing Acapella! Those moments take me back to the spirit of music and at the end of the day it’s good to have that spontaneity! Having the crowd clap along to make the beat is just one of those moments that gave me an amazing opportunity to engage with the crowd and share a human moment.

Claires single ’Ouroboros’ is out now taken from her album ’Medicines’ out June 22nd 2017.
For her latest info head to www.clairemortifee.ca

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