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Counterfeit, are sitting in the The Old Thames Inn on a gloomy day in London. As I approach their table they are everything I expected and more. Adorned with striking looks, quirky charm and determination, they are the perfect portrayal of the future face rock, promising to bring a fresh and edgy addition to the world.

The band recently signed to Xtra Mile Recordings, and has just released a powerful and exhilarating track Addiction. In addition to this success the boys kick off their tour in March.

How did you feel when you signed with Xtra Mile Recordings?

When we were signed it was massively exciting! We feel that we are with a label that understands our music and what direction we are interested in pursuing. Xtra Mile came and saw us play four shows before signing us. it’s been a pleasure working with them so far. 

Before then it was a lengthy and stressful process; we were playing all of last year but never managed to sign with someone. This didn’t stop us from producing and playing music. Our hard work certainly paid off, as we still got booked for festivals such as Rockcamp in Germany and 2000 Trees in Cheltenham.

Tell us more about your song Addiction and the inspiration behind it?

My idea for the song came from a personal place, a place of change and personal recognition. We can all become addicted to something/someone or a substance that can have a negative impact on your life. Addiction can be overpowering, and a dark obsession. We are also releasing the track The Thrill Of It which is about possession. 

How did you form Counterfeit?

We all met through mutual friends, and of course two of us are brothers. We began making music together three months ago. All of us have played with various different bands, giving us good life experience. I believe this has helped us develop our music and make us stronger musicians. 

If you weren’t musicians, what other careers would you of pursued? 

Probably a number of different things, because we all have various skills and other passions that would of been interesting to pursue. But I think we are all so dedicated to music that we wouldn’t want to do anything else. If we had to choose though, I think some of us would of gone into animation, sports or engineering!  

Where does your name Counterfeit come from? 

It was a name that we all believed was fitting, some of us have had other professions during our time making music, such as acting for example. A lot of people laughed when we wanted to cross over between the two industries, seeing our pursuits as fakery. Our band’s name developed from this criticism, so there is defiantly a certain irony to our name.

What bands inspire your artistry?

Our families play a role; they are definitely inspirational- teaching us to break the mould. We love ’Motley Crew’ and ’Guns n Roses’, and we draw inspiration from bands and musicians that embrace their creativity and make bold career choices. 

Where do you see your band in ten years time?

We would eventually love to build our way up to arenas; we try and keep a very positive and good mentality. Confidence is the best asset you can have in this industry and this way the skies the limit! 

What do you think of the music industry currently, and the direction it’s headed in?

Pop is not a dirty word to us at all, I think we live in a very interesting generation. It’s an exciting and interesting time for the music industry. There are no longer any rules, one size fits all in the world at the moment! It’s amazing with today’s social media that musicians don’t need record labels anymore to promote their work. We live in a very scary and experimental time, and it will be thrilling to see how artists continue to grow. 


You can pre-order Counterfeit’s album Together We Are Stronger via iTunesFor the bands latest info head to www.therealcounterfeit.com 

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Anna Urik

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