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I meet Critics in a bar near Oxford Circus. As I enter the dimly lit corridor I can sense the excitement and anticipation in the air as they prepare for their gig later that evening. The band consists of Lynn Paighton on vocals, Jack Lawson on guitar and Jamie Lowes on keys/synth.

Their sound is a refreshing blend of pop, indie and rock. They are charming and enthusiastic, sitting at the old fashioned booth they look reminiscent of a scene out of Kevin Smith’s early 90’s movie Chasing Amy. Critics are bold, lively and are here to give the mainstream a kick. At the moment they are currently preparing to begin touring this March, having just released their new single All I wanna Know and debuted their new Ep Spilt Milk. 

Why did you choose to label your band Critics? 

We have all been in the music industry for around ten years now, we have dealt with rejection and struggle. You receive a lot of criticism in this industry therefore when choosing our name we wanted something ironic, that would make a statement and be relatable to the experiences we have gone through as musicians. 

What advice would you give to those wanting to start a career in the music industry?

When wanting to pursue a career in the music industry you have to understand that it’s a huge lifestyle choice. You have to be prepared for the hardships ahead and to sacrifice for your art. You have to give hundred percent attention and focus to what your producing. Take every opportunity you have and make the most out of each experience. Always continue to practice your music, to be the best musician you can. 

What artists influence your music?

We can all agree that we have different styles and tastes of music however we all love The Beatles, Elvis and Michael Jackson. We appreciate artists who are charismatic and inventive. Bowie for example was always developing new concepts for his music, and believing in his artistic decisions. If your not a fan of your own music  no one else will be, all of these artists who we listen to and aspire to be like emulate this quality. 

What makes Critics stand out?

Why shouldn’t people listen to us? As artists we are open minded our sound is unusual and unique. We believe it is a sound that a variation of age groups will listen to, our lyrics are relatable and drawn from life experiences. I think people will appreciate what we are doing with the genres we experiment with and the clean cut sound we create. 

Tell us about the inspiration behind your single All I wanna know?

All I Wanna Know is about how things unfortunately don’t always last forever, its about that emotional unbalance that you feel when you know something between you and a partner or friend is ending. We wanted to create a song that illustrated those layers of emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness and how these emotions can co exist together. 

How do you feel about your upcoming tour?

We are extremely excited, touring and doing shows are all part of the challenge in becoming successful. We are especially looking forward to playing in Glasgow.It’s such a beautiful place and so far from our reality. The crowd in Manchester are always amazing, full of vibrancy and energy! 

If you weren’t musicians what else would you be doing?

I believe that we would most likely be working within the industry, or doing something creative such as animation. I think though realistically we would be out causing trouble! 

Tell us something unusual about Critics?

We are really into healthy cooking with organic food,scuba diving and anime! 


Critics Ep debut EP Spilt Milk is out now via iTunes and you can check out the video All I Wanna Know below. For the bands latest info and tour dates head to www.criticsofficial.com

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Anne Laymond

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