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I meet Australian Alt pop group Cub Sport on a cold weekday morning at London’s Shoreditch Platform. Originally from Brisbane, Queensland the band is composed by Tim Nelson on lead vocals, Sam ’Bolan’ Netterfield on keyboard/vocals, Zoe Davis on lead guitar and Dan Puusaari on drums.

In September 2017 the band released ’BATS’, an album following their journey over the last few years in which Tim and Sam entered into a romantic relationship and openly came out as gay. ’BATS’ powerfully documents these experiences in a beautiful and innate way that pulls delicately on heartstrings, and leaving you with a raw sensuality. The album was well received by the public, gaining national airplay and at the start of 2018, they released their much anticipated music video for ’Good Guys Go’. With it’s stunning visuals it depicts the story that many millennials encounter of unrequited love and unbalanced relationships. Now in the UK, We talk to Sam and Tim from the group as they bring their unique individualism and eclectic sound to their London fans, with 2018 proving as already an incredibly exciting year! 

Tell us more about the inspiration behind ’Bats’ your latest album?

Tim: We wrote it over the course of a couple of years, the first songs we wrote for the album were in 2015. We were putting demos together throughout the years, so by the time the album was due for release we had a collection of songs ready. During the years that we wrote the songs, we both came out as gay and entered into a relationship together. So the album is incredibly personal to us, as it follows the journey of coming to terms with our sexuality, being in a relationship romantically as well as working together as musicians has been a blessing. I think it’s easy to believe when you are working with someone that it can impact the relationship. However being romantically involved has only brought us closer to our craft and creatively.

You create your own merchandise, is this something you created together?

Sam: The four of us collaborate, we have the idea that if we wouldn’t wear it ourselves we won’t design/produce it. We were working a lot on our merchandise ahead of our upcoming tour, we like to keep our designs simple but bold. 

What can you tell us about ’Good Guys Go’, the third single from ’Bats’!

Sam: The song is about unrequited love, and that painful feeling of giving love to someone when they don’t deserve or reciprocate the feeling. We listened to many of our friends talk about their relationships, and watched a lot of our female friends go unappreciated. During the course of writing I had also been reading about emotional labour, and how relationships can be strenuous and very taxing on us both physically and mentally. This song was an illustration of this feeling, which is particularly relevant to our generation, as we live in a culture where fast and casual relationships are the norm, with apps such as Tinder making relationships easily disposable. 

What can you reveal about your show at London’s The Waiting Room in May?

Sam: We are really excited, it’s our first headline show in London! We are super thrilled to be getting to know all of the crowd in the UK, and generate more of a fan following. 

If you weren’t musicians what other careers would you be pursing and why?

Sam: Funny you should ask, as we actually both have backgrounds in dentistry. We both attended dental institutes, and have backgrounds in dental hygiene! I continued working in dental hygiene, which is my career outside of music.

Tim: I made it halfway through my degree in dentistry then dropped out, and focused solely on creating music. 

What do you think about how homosexuality is viewed into today’s generation, and the LGBT community?

Sam: Coming to London, we can see how open it is here in terms of the LGBT community. London appears to have a very unsheltered standpoint- being gay in the UK seems to be appreciated with a sense of respect and candidness. In Australia, there is a community, however it is not as open, Australia definitely supports same-sex marriage, however due to politics it is taking time to pass this legalisation. This why we feel it is important within our music to be open about our sexuality, to encourage equality and give confidence to the younger generation coming out as gay, transgender, bisexual and etc. 

Cub Sport’s single ’Good Guys Go’ taken from the album ’Bats’ is out now via this link.
For the latest on the band visit www.cubsport.com

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