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1883 introduces you to rising star R&B/ pop artist Danielle Bellas, who brings us her new single ’Starship’ premiering today on 1883.

Taken from next years debut album her talents captured the attention of co-production duo Jud Mahoney and Natalie Delucia. Two of the biggest names in the industry having have worked with Michael Jackson, Brandy and Britney Spears the duo immediately recognised Danielle’s natural musical ability and unique sound, and together they co- wrote and produced her album.

Danielle’s musical journey began at a young age, as she spent her youth filling notebook pages with inspiration and lyrics, recording her first single at sixteen. Coming from a household with a strong emphasis on academia, her passion for music remained in the background. However this did not stop Danielle from pursing a career as an artist, whilst studying she was part of UK girl group Urban Lady. After finishing her studies, Danielle moved to Australia, where she currently resides when not in the UK. 2016 was a huge moment for Danielle as she quit her full time job, and decided to fully commit to a career within the industry.

Starship can be compared to the earlier works of strong female artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Starship takes you on a nostalgic and romantic journey, as it transports you into a world of glamour.

Danielle will be playing a series of live shows over the course of the next few months to support the release of her new work. 2018 appears to be an exciting one for the singer, as she is certain to make an entrance into the industry with a bang.

For all the latest on Danielle head to  www.daniellebellas.com

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