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Formed in 2003 British pop/rock band McFly became a household name across Europe and beyond. Consisting of Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Harry Judd and Danny Jones, the group released a string of major hit singles and received several awards including a Brit Award for Best Band.

After a recent stint joining fellow British band Busted on tour to form super group McBusted, the quartet are now on a hiatus, with each of them focusing on their own career.

We had a sit down with former lead vocalist Danny Jones who has recently released his debut single ‘Is This Still Love’, co-written and produced with Seton Daunt and Ash Howes. Over the past year the artist has heavily worked on his debut album, been in the studio with the likes of Jake Gosling (credits include Ed Sheeran) and had a sold-out headline show at The O2 Islington. We talked about what the experience with McFly taught him, how he keeps up with music while being a father and more.

Let’s first talk about your journey with McFly, that must have been the craziest experience! What were the most memorable moments being part of them?

The whole experience was memorable, it moulded me as a person. It was such a huge part of my life. I think when you’re doing something you don’t appreciate it as much as when you stop doing it.

What kind of experiences have prepared you for your solo career the most?

Being in a group and doing a solo career is different. But I learned how to play and how to perform live.

Obviously there is a McFly Hiatus right now, do you ever plan on doing a reunion?

I don’t know when exactly. We are not broken up, but for now I’m just writing and focusing on my solo career.


Let’s talk about your debut single Is This Still Love? What is the story behind it?

It’s all about a relationship breakdown. My parents got divorced and it affected me, I’m talking about why it happens. I had this melody in my head and then the song just happened. It means something to me, it’s a subject that comes deep from my heart.

You wrote the single with Seton Daunt and Ash Howes - What do you like about co-writing with others, rather than writing on your own?

I know Ash from when I produced their music. Seton is a really cool guy, he had a lot of belief in the song. When you’re co-writing there is more excitement about the single. When you write alone you have no one to give you an opinion, but when you are three or four people who write the song and they say it’s good, the song really is good.

With you having a baby now, how do you manage to keep your music career going?

Haha! I always find time. I have a studio in my garden shed!

You’ve got a debut album on the way, what can fans expect from it? Will you keep the same vibe as in McFly?

This one will sound different, it is my slice of cake.

You will also be returning to The Voice Kids, how was that experience so far?

It’s so good. These kids are amazing. It’s an easy job for me, it’s so nice. It’s a dream job. The kids are the best part of it, they’re uncovering talent. It’s pure music.

Are you planning on doing another headline show?
Maybe in March. The album will hopefully be out in January, so if I do a headline show then, the fans will hopefully listen to my album until the show.

Danny’s singe ’Is This Still Love’ is out now, for more updates visit www.dannyjonesofficial.com

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