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With a background in busking and a reputation as a loop artist by performing all over the world, Dawson Reeve soon discovered his interest in writing his own songs and stuck to it ever since. His debut single Circumstance is now premiering here on 1883. 

Showcasing melodious vocals alongside a downbeat electronic pop, Dawson developed his very own unique music style by adding the influences of his past. The Derbyshire-born and raised, now London-based musician can boast with stunning vocals, alongside live instrumentation which results in a remarkable sound that can be compared to the likes of Ed Sheeran, James Blake and London Grammar - yet it still exhibits individuality. When asked about the song he states: “Circumstance is all about the problem of meeting the right person, but at the wrong moment in time. Sometimes in a relationship people grow at different rates, and want different things. The track is about accepting this and moving on.” 

Dawson Reeve is performing at The Horizon Sessions of UMA Music 22nd November,, for more on Dawson visit www.dawsonreeve.com

By Antonia Künzel

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